Monday, July 30, 2012 4 words I am thankful for

Sturdy Feet

Oh, so small,
Oh, so tiny.
Nestled in my belly,
Nestled in my arms.

Promise I won't hurt you,
Promise you won't hurt me.

I will protect you
From the world
Until your feet are sturdy.

'Til that time, baby,
I will teach you
The ways of man.

'Til that time, baby,
I will teach you
The stories of man.

'Til that time, baby,
I will nestle you
In the coccoon
Of my love and security,
Until you grow
To big for it,
And it unravels at
Your feet.

Your sturdy feet.

Pray with me, baby,
As I pray for us
That our journey together
Will be filled with
Love, wisdom and respect.

Pray with me, baby,
That during our journey,
We grow stronger
And wiser together.

Pray with me, baby,
That during our journey
You attain my strengths
And during you life,
You overcome and forgive
My weaknesses.

I can't promise you
A perfect world,
A loving world,
A compassionate world.

But I will introduce you
To a world that has
The potential to be
Excellent, loving
And compassionate.

And with your help, baby,
We can make our world
These things and more.
Not for us now
But for those who
Come after us.
So rest now,

Rest in my belly,
Rest in my arms,
Rest and grow strong
For when your time comes
And you are called
To change the world.

Oh, so small,
Oh, so tiny.
Nestled in my belly,
Nestled in my arms.

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Friday, July 20, 2012 0 words I am thankful for

Closing The Book

She sank into the seat
Dropping her bag
In the seat beside her
While keeping a grip
On her boarding pass.

As she slipped on
Her cardigan
She watched the
Other travellers.

A few businessmen
Clickty-clacking on their laptops
While another looks out,
Spacing out on some
Daydream where he doesn't
Have to leave his family.

A few couples
In varying stages
Of their relationships.

The "honey mooners"
Who can't stop
Touching each other.

The couples who are
So used to each other
That they don't even
Have to interact.

The couple who are
Done with each other
And can't wait to get
Home so they can break up.

Then there are families,
As diverse as the couple
From those starting with babies
To those with grown up children.

Lastly, there are the randoms.
The random man,
The random woman
Travelling to God knew where
For God knew what reason.

She was a random,
But she knew her story well
To the degree that
She was going to toss it
To the wind and
Start anew.

This was the last page
Of her story,
And in the course of
An eight hour flight,
A new story would begin.

"Now boarding Flight XY13
At gate 45."
She scooped up her bag
And walked to the gate.

The last sentence was written
And the book was closed.
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 3 words I am thankful for


Jacintha was her name.

She lived in a little house
In the bad side of town
Where only drunks and
The piss poor lived.
That was how Daddy described it

Even though she lived there,
Jacintha was always dressed well
And smelled of Strawberry and Cream
Left out in the summer sun


During the school breaks,
We would find her
Behind the counter
Of Joe's Cafe,
Taking orders from men
Twice, thrice her age.

During the school breaks
Jacintha would smell of
Burgers and fries, and
Apple pie. Joe only served
Apple pie with a generous
Dollop of cream to make up
For the lack of variety

In the summer time,
She only worked
The morning shifts.

In the afternoon,
Jacintha would go to the lake,
She would chuck her uniform
And in only her underwear,
She would dive into the lake


Jacintha died
On a sunny summer day.
Her daddy was forcing himself
On her while in a drunken state.

He momma came upon the scene
And somewhere in the madness,
She shot her husband
And her daughter.

The neighbours found Jacintha
In her momma's arms as
The woman rocked back and forth,
Singing a lullaby.

Her sanity died with
Her only child, Jacintha.

They never charged her,
Instead they sent her to
The State Institution
Where she lives up to today,
Singing a lullaby.

Jacintha was her name.

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Monday, July 16, 2012 5 words I am thankful for

Dear Lover

Dear Lover,
I love you,
Loved you.

It's not as though
I've stopped loving you,
I've just stopped being
In love with you.

You see what
We had was
A broken promise
That we kept calling
A promise refusing
To see the cracks.

Me and you
Were never meant
To be, just creatures
That were tangled up
In each other's web.

Never knowing if
We should resign
Ourselves or fight
To be free.

I choose to be free,
And yet I question
If what I feel,
What I felt for you
Was real or if
It was a chemical
Reaction caused by
Two bodies coming

I may never know,
I don't want to know,
Somethings are better
Left in the unknown.

Me and you
Are through.
There was never an us
And there never will be an us,
Just you and me,
Two separate entities.

Goodbye dear lover,
I wish you well
And I pray we never
Cross paths again,
Once was enough
For one lifetime.

Yours never more,
Friday, July 13, 2012 4 words I am thankful for

Playing With Madness

"I see you
And raise you five!!"

Five years,
five months,
five days,
five hours
five minutes
five seconds.

It didn't matter which
They were pebbles to me
And I was focused on the pot.
Eternity with both
My sanity and insanity.

Madness eyed me
Through his lashes,
Measuring my bravado
Like a high class tailor.

But we were not in Seville Row,
Instead we were in
The belly of the beast
And for the first time
In my entire life
I felt no fear,
No apprehension,
No hesitation.

This game was mine,
The prospect of having
Both my gifts had made
Madness sloppy and
I was winning game
After game after game.

His voice scratched
The silence, a command,
Nothing more, nothing less.

I spread my cards,
Slowly, ever so slowly,
Drama was everything.
Four queens and a king,
Oh so royal.

Madness pinned me
With a stare, then
Slowly a smile washed
Over his face and
With equal bravado
He showed his cards.

The smirk on my face
Was flushed away
When I saw a straight flush.

Madness reached across
And held my head
By the sides, then
Ripped out my sanity
And insanity from within me.

I fell back in my seat
And felt nothing but
I knew something was
Different. I lost.

As Madness pulled the cards
Together, I noticed two cards
With the same face.

In the blink of an eye,
The nuzzle of my gun
Was trained at Madness' eye.

I should have known that
Madness would cheat.
"Give them back to me,"
The edge in my voice
Was razor sharp.
He chuckled,
"Why ever for, my dear?"

I flipped the two cards
Over, removing the safety.
"Give them back."

His face became a stone mask,
But I knew his mind
Was abuzz, figuring out
How to get out of this.
A slow sigh escaped his lips,
Then he tossed them
On the table just out
Of my reach.

"Shove them over."
Another sigh as he did
As he was told.

I scooped them up,
Returning them to their places
In my head. I backed away
From the table making
My way to the door,
Keeping my eye on

At the door,
I secured my gun
And slipped out
Disappearing into the night.

Lesson learned,
Never play with madness,
It always cheats.
Wednesday, July 11, 2012 1 words I am thankful for

Fly Away With Me

"Fly away with me,"
Said the little bird
As it hop hopped
On the window sill.

"Fly away with me
To the top of the mountain,
To the baker's
In Nedsville and to
The green grocer in Smithstown."

"Fly away with me
And let's see if
We can touch the stars
And if not the stars,
The moon will do."

"Fly away with me
Over fields of lavender
And through willow trees.
Let us soar and glide."

His pleas chipped away
At my will until it shattered
And broke. With the release
Of my final breath,
I was set free to fly away.

With a prayer and a song
I flied away with the little bird
And never looked back,
There was so much
To look forward to.
Monday, July 9, 2012 7 words I am thankful for

She Wanted A Love Poem

She wanted a love poem,
A little ditty
Wrapped in rhyme
And presented to her
With chocolate and
A pretty floral arrangement.

She wanted something
She could put in a frame
And hang on her wall
Or tuck away in a book
For future reference
On lonely nights.

She wanted a poem
That dripped with honey,
Sprinkled with sugar
And sure to rot one's teeth
And cause a terrible tummy ache.

She wanted a poem
That spoke of love,
Not true love or
Real love, not
The kind of love
That can be found in the street
In the bosoms of men and women alike.

The love poem she wanted
Did not speak of pain
And tears, harsh words
And defeated sighs
Released into the stagnant air.

She wanted a love poem,
Where he spoke of
Undying love,
How he could not live
Could not be
Without her.

And so she waits
Patiently for the day
When her man of the moment
Presents her with a poem
Because she wanted a love poem.
Friday, July 6, 2012 1 words I am thankful for

Sometimes I Ache

I ache sometimes.

Those times when the bed
Yawns loudly like the wind
Blowing through a canyon.

Those times when I see him
Kiss her and I wish it was me
Not her who was being loved.

Sometimes, I ache.

Those times when I crave
His touch, rough yet gentle,
Wanting but holding back.

Those times when I feel
Lost and alone, wondering
If I could, would, should
Be loved.

I ache.

For feather light kisses
Along the back of my neck.

For sweet surrenders
Followed by victorious rapture.


I close my eyes, trying
To see his face and all
I feel is emotions.

I listen for his voice,
But his voice don't matter
If the words don't ring truth.

Sometimes I ache,
And I let it wash over me
Like the tide, until the silver moon
Takes it away, leaving me numb.

Most times I am numb.

Another poem where I just let the words flow. 
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 1 words I am thankful for

May I

May I kiss you
On your cheek?

May I love you
Something fierce?

May I find a world
So sublime in your eyes?

May I ache
When you are not near?

May I say hello
And never say goodbye?

May I dream of a world
Where we collide?

May I hold my breath
And dive deep under?

May I be the one
You whisper "Forever is never enough."?

May I take your hand
And rest it over my heart?

May I sleep in a cocoon
That is only ours?

May I slip away
Into tomorrow's arms
Only to find you waiting?

May I know your secrets,
The ones you aren't afraid to share?

May you protect me
From the ones to scary for my ears?

May I sprinkle "I love you's"
On your being?

May I ........
May I love....
May I love you?

The you that you are,
Not the one created
In my head.

Show me who you are,
So I can love you
Just the way you are.

This piece is just me writing without thinking, just letting the words flow.
Monday, July 2, 2012 1 words I am thankful for

Stay - She Wanted A Love Poem

The following poem is from the section, "Love Is..." of She Wanted A Love Poem, a collection of poems.


They laid in a mess
Of sheets, his head
Rested on her stomach,
As his finger tips
Traced imaginary circles
On her inner thigh.

"Don't leave tonight,
Don't put on your clothes
And leave out that door."
His voice a low rumble
In his throat.

She sighed, she thought
He was falling asleep,
She was waiting for
The movement of his hand
To slow down and eventually stop.

He was awake, with
No intention of falling asleep.

She slipped out
From under his weight.
With her back to him,
She picked up her clothes.
"Don't go, don't leave.
I want you here
When I wake up."

He wanted more than
What she was prepared to give.
He wanted something
She didn't know how to give.
And still she did not know
How to convey this to him.

With her back still to him,
She slipped on her underwear.
The bed creaked,
She felt strong arms
Around her stomach.
Her body held flush
Against his body.

She could feel his heartbeat,
And even that was
Begging her to stay.
In her ear, he whispered
The delicious things
He would do to wake her
In the morning if she stayed.
She sighed, falling into him.

He continued whispering
In her ear the sweet,
Exciting, enjoyable day
They would have
If she would just stay.
Feather light kisses
Caressed her neck.

Should she,
Would she,
Could she

In his arms,
She turned around,
Looking into his eyes,
Words were nothing but
Dry leaves falling from a tree,
But his eyes, his body
Spoke louder than his words.

Yes, she should,
Yes, she would,
Yes, she could

She extracted herself
From his arms and
Led him to the bed and
For the first time ever
They slept together
Instead of sleeping together.

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