Monday, July 2, 2012

Stay - She Wanted A Love Poem

The following poem is from the section, "Love Is..." of She Wanted A Love Poem, a collection of poems.


They laid in a mess
Of sheets, his head
Rested on her stomach,
As his finger tips
Traced imaginary circles
On her inner thigh.

"Don't leave tonight,
Don't put on your clothes
And leave out that door."
His voice a low rumble
In his throat.

She sighed, she thought
He was falling asleep,
She was waiting for
The movement of his hand
To slow down and eventually stop.

He was awake, with
No intention of falling asleep.

She slipped out
From under his weight.
With her back to him,
She picked up her clothes.
"Don't go, don't leave.
I want you here
When I wake up."

He wanted more than
What she was prepared to give.
He wanted something
She didn't know how to give.
And still she did not know
How to convey this to him.

With her back still to him,
She slipped on her underwear.
The bed creaked,
She felt strong arms
Around her stomach.
Her body held flush
Against his body.

She could feel his heartbeat,
And even that was
Begging her to stay.
In her ear, he whispered
The delicious things
He would do to wake her
In the morning if she stayed.
She sighed, falling into him.

He continued whispering
In her ear the sweet,
Exciting, enjoyable day
They would have
If she would just stay.
Feather light kisses
Caressed her neck.

Should she,
Would she,
Could she

In his arms,
She turned around,
Looking into his eyes,
Words were nothing but
Dry leaves falling from a tree,
But his eyes, his body
Spoke louder than his words.

Yes, she should,
Yes, she would,
Yes, she could

She extracted herself
From his arms and
Led him to the bed and
For the first time ever
They slept together
Instead of sleeping together.

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MJ said...

OMG Kim this one is GOOD!!!!!!! i love it i wanna steal it, lol. it speaks to me in so many ways. i really enjoy your story telling