Friday, July 31, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

Is Life

Is life
Trying to figure out
The exponential factor
Governing the growth
Of the US dollar?

Is life
Holding on
To the belief
That if you dream
It will come?

Is life
The collection
Of memories,
And thus such

Then again,
Is life
The simple,
Necessary act
Of living?
Thursday, July 30, 2009 0 words I am thankful for


Where are you?
I've been waiting so long,
My feet no longer ache,
But dwell
In a state of acceptance.
Acceptance of the pain
I can not relieve
Until you,
My dear, Q,
Make an appearance
To whisk me away
From the grind
To my room
With a view,
If you were to call it anything,
But still it is my view.
So Q,
Where are you?

* When I lived in Brooklyn, to go to and come from the Manhattan, I took the Q train. This poem was about one of the times I was waiting for the Q train.
Wednesday, July 29, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

All It Takes

All it takes
Is one word,
One thought,
One dream,
One understanding
To create
A new beginning.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

Overnight Train

As I sat
In the train
To some city,
Coming from
Some city,
I look outside.

I see nothing
But black ink
Smeared over
The countryside.
Black and thick.

But I don't
See the ink
That accompanied
Me on my trip.
All I see
Is my life.

From some city
To another.
My twisted life
Bringing me
To this point.

I should be sleeping,
But now I look
To my future
Beyond that black ink,
Lost in the ink.

Eventually I wil sleep,
Letting hours
Pass by
Till the morning
Or the city
Wakes me up
On this
Overnight train.
Monday, July 27, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

Like Others Treat You

My skin is
The colour
Of dark chocolate.
My eyes,
As dark as
The Saharan night.
My hair,
Black and thick
As the Amazon.
I may not
Look like you.
I may not
Think like you,
My blood is
As red as yours.
I'm built like you.

I am as different
As I am similar
To you,
So treat me
Like others treat you.
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

He Made Her Heart Whole

She presented it to him
On a porcelain platter.

It was something
She protected with all her might.

He took it,
Held it in his hand.

He admired it,
Looking at it from every angle.

The mask of love fell away
And his eyes held an evil glint.

He broke it
With one hand.

The shards fell to the floor
And he picked up one.

It caught the sun
And a gash of red
Crossed her chest.

He spun on his heel
And left with a piece of her heart.

She fell to the ground
And swept up the pieces
Of her broken heart.

It took months
Before she fit it back together,
But still it was missing
A piece.

She put away
Her patched up heart
Far away.
Swearing never to give it away.

More months had passed
And exactly a year later,
She took out her heart.
It had healed
And no one could tell
That it was broken at all
Until the saw the hole
Where the missing piece should be.

She put away her heart.

Another year had passed
And he came along.
He was more charming
Than the one before.
More loving
Than the one before.
More than the one before.

This one was different
And she really considered
Giving him her heart.

She took it out once more.

Although the hole
Reminded her of past pains,
She placed it on
The porcelain platter
And presented it
As if it was whole.

He took it,
Held it in his hand.

He admired it,
Looking at it from every angle.

He noticed the hole,
Astonishment washed over his face.

He reached into his pocket,
Pulled out a shard,
Popped it in the hole
And made her heart whole.

He made her heart whole.
Monday, July 20, 2009 1 words I am thankful for


My BFF & my BF!!!
Oh well,
They deserve each other.
I'll be ROTFL
When does this to her.
BTW, he has an STD
And BFF doesn't know!
Sunday, July 19, 2009 1 words I am thankful for

The Flask

It was two days ago
When I left my car.
The last I saw of it
Smoke was spewing
From the bonnet.

It was two hours ago
When I drank the last drop
Of water
From my flask,
The desert sprawling
In front of me.

I would cry
But I would lose water
And already my steps
Have grown shorter
And slower.

Then my steps
And I dropped
To the unyielding earth
Only being able to sit up.

I watched as the sun
Crept to the horizon
Then melt into the
Desert floor.
The cool night air
Cooling my sun burned skin.

I heard an animal howl.
Something slithered
Pass my leg.
Then Sean appeared.
My husband sat next to me.

We watched the night sky,
His arm around my shoulder.
We spoke about the kids,
About work,
About the economy,
About life and death.

I fell asleep to the
Buzzing of his voice,
His scent wafting into
The desert air,
His fingers tracing the tattoo
On my arm.

I awoke
To the early sun
Rising inch by inch.
Sean was gone
Unlike the moon
Who still sat in the sky.

It was just me,
The desert
And the empty flask.

I reached for it,
Hoping for at least
A drop or two
That may have congregated

The once light flask
Felt heavy in my hand.
The once empty flask
Was full when I opened it.
Water never tasted so good.

I journeyed two more days.
On the third day
I found an old house
In which an elderly couple resided.
They called for help
And soon I was at the hospital.
Soon I was home.

I didn't tell anyone
About Sean
Or the empty flask.
Instead I went to his grave
And sat for a while.

I thanked him
In whispers
That I knew he would hear.

He may be gone
But he will always
Be my husband.
I love you, Sean.
Saturday, July 18, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

I Tasted A Rainbow

I tasted
A rainbow today.
It didn't taste
Like Lucky Charms
Or Skittles
Or anything else
Marketing executives
Are trying to sell me.
It tasted like nothing.

I sensed it
Coming up behind me.
Ozone scented the air,
And I heard
Thousands of drops
Fall to the ground.
More like millions,
But who's counting.

I turned
And saw it approaching
So I stuck out my tongue.

The first thing
I tasted was ozone.
Then water,
Then more water.
Then nothing
Just the fresh air.

I tasted
A rainbow today.
It tasted like nothing,
But the experience
Was magic.
Friday, July 17, 2009 0 words I am thankful for


"Where would you fly?"
"Where would you fly
If you could sprout wings
And take off this very moment?"
Lover asked me
As we sat in the tamarind tree,
Legs dangling over
The brown earth.

I looked out
To the horizon,
Imagining all the things
Beyond the shores
Of our island.

I imagined
Drinking coffee
In a little cafe
In a small town
In Italy,
Watching the day
Melt into night,
My choice of drink
Morphing into a fine vino.

I imagined
Standing in a cavern
Overlooking hundreds
Of clay soldiers
Or was it terracotta.
They should be back now
After their world tour.

I imagined
Sitting in a 20th century vehicle
Watching a cheetah
Streak over the plains,
Almost flying
As it took down it's prey.

I looked at Lover
And asked if he woulf be
Flying with me.
He shook his head
And looked at the horizon.

I looked at the horizon.
"That's an easy question,
I would fly to you."

The corners of his lips
Curled up
And his hand found mine,
Fingers intertwined.
"I would fly to you, too."
Thursday, July 16, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

New Poems

Hey y'all!!!

Of late I've been writing poems. I don't know what happened, maybe it's because I haven't been eating properly, maybe because for half the week I've been listening to NICE FM which has music that fall into the range of 80's to 00's. Anyway, I found it strange because I would sit in front of my empty pad and nothing will come and most times than not I would end up with some sappy love poem. Now it starts with just a seed of an idea and it blossoms into something that has dimension.

Over the next couple days I will be posting the new poems.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

Black Bird

Black bird,
Black bird
Walking on the roof
Of that building.
How do you like
This fine city?
So loud,
So dirty,
So full of busy people.

Or do you not notice
What lies below your wings.
Living your life,
From minute to minute.
Tell me you secret,
Black bird,
Black bird.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009 0 words I am thankful for


Try laughing
With your mouth full
Of gruel
You have no choice
Of choice.

Try crying
With no sense of sadness,
But the one
That envelops your soul.

Try breathing
When your throat is tight
With rage.

Try being
A human being.
Monday, July 13, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

Her, She, Me

She stands before me,
Her hair askew,
In some modern fashion.
Who is she?

I've seen her before,
I've seen her face
So many times,
But still, I know her not....

Her skin, the colour of chocolate,
Her eyes dark,
Her body not short,
Nor long, but who.....

I looked in her eyes,
Then I knew
She had seen
All that I've seen,
She shares all my secrets,
My experiences,
She was me.
Saturday, July 11, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

I'm Not A Child

I'm not a child
My body is not
Small and
Ever growing.

I'm not a child
My mind not
Flitting from one
Thought to another.

I'm not a child
I'm more responsible,
More independent
And more mature.

I'm an adult
I've lost my
But I hold onto my hope.
Friday, July 10, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

I Don't Know

I don't know
What my future holds,
Draped in the shroud
Of the unknown
And mystery.

I don't know
Where my heart lies,
Perhaps in the hands
Of an unknown man
Who may not exist at all.

I don't know
Who I will be
In ten years.
All I know
Is who I am today.
Thursday, July 9, 2009 1 words I am thankful for

The Routine

Wake up,
Go to work,
Go to lunch,
Go back to work,
Go home,
Watch TV - Primetime,
Go to sleep.
Repeat four more times.
Wednesday, July 8, 2009 0 words I am thankful for


Laugh Out Loud,
Till tears
Creep out of your eyes.

Laugh Out Loud,
Till your stomach

Laugh Out Loud,
Till you start
To hiccup.

Laugh Out Loud,
'Cause I hate
To see you cry.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

I Walked

I walked,
I walked till
My feet begged me
To stop.
I walked till
Exhaustion became
An old comrade
Who walked in step
To your daughter's
Every stride.

Why didn't you stop,
My child?
Why did you
Keep this unmerciful stride?
Why did you come to me
With feet bloody
And exhaustion upon your back,
He, himself, exhausted
And needing you to carry
Him on.

I walked,
Because no one told me
To stop,
Monday, July 6, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

I Am The Beat Poet

I am a beat poet.
Pen in hand.
Thought in mind.

As I walk
Through the streets
Of Manhattan,
Words flow through my mind
Like a mountain spring.

As my hear beats,
As my feet tattoo
The concrete
And asphalt,
I spin words
So divine,
The become anew
In my mind.

I am the beat poet.
Sunday, July 5, 2009 0 words I am thankful for

With Me

Talk with me.
Laugh with me.
Dance with me.
Play with me.
Part with me.
Saturday, July 4, 2009 0 words I am thankful for


One evening,
I watched the moon rise,
Being born
From a blue horizon.

A silver ball
With blotches on it's face.
Yet perfect.

This large body
Looking down at me,
Rose to the heavens
And grew small.

I fell asleep
Under the moonlight.
When morning came,
I could not find it.

But it was there,
Looking down at me.
Yet imperfect.

* I always had an affection for the moon and the night sky. There is a quietness to the world when it's just you and the night sky. The world, the dramas of life melt away when you realize you are like a star, a dot in the night sky. Rambling again.

(pic:Experiment Garden)
Friday, July 3, 2009 1 words I am thankful for

Excuse Me

Excuse me
As I take a sip
Of reality.

As I soak in
A sunset and a sunrise
In one day.

As I admire
The existence
Of a gnat
Just being a gnat.

As I stare
At the stars,
At the galaxy,
At the universe.
Excuse me.