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A Little Break

Of late I have been running on empty and yet juggling so many things. I'm going to take a little break to recharge, doing a little hibernation. While I'm gone, feel free to check out my past poems, the stories at the top or give my second blog a gander. You can also check out my tumblr which is pretty much dedicated to things that inspire me.

The idea is to come back stronger, wiser and with more awesome poems and stories. Thanks for following and I'll be back in two shakes of a cheetah's tale.

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The sky had no clouds,
A pristine blue dome
Was created for my wedding day.
Every thing was perfect,
My dress,
My schedule,
My wedding party,
My fiance.
But before I walked down
That aisle, before I say
My vows to the man
I love, I want to see the world
With the eyes of a single woman.

Out I walked into the open space
Between the two buildings.
At the other end of the space
Was where the wedding was
To take place.

I looked up,
Looking for a sign,
Any sign and more than one came.

The wind blew from behind me
Pushing me to that space,
The geometric shapes on the buildings
Pointed to that space,
And when I closed my eyes
A quiet voice said
"Walk boldly into your destiny."

I was filled with
A sense of completion,
Of surety and without
Hesitation, I returned to
My wedding party and
Prepared to walk down
The aisle.

In less than an hour
I was united for life
To the one man
I loved completely
And I knew the universe
Was happy with the union.
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They slept,
Nikki and Daemon
Tucked away in their
Respective dream worlds.

I wondered if Nikki
Was dreaming about
Dolls and friends
Or of boys who
Caught her eye
Under their hooded eyes.

I wondered if Daemon
Dreamt of action figures
And karate class
Or he wished he was out
Fishing with Grandpa James
Instead of taking part
In Aunt Joan's wedding.

I watched my babies sleep,
The wedding is to start in
An hours time, but I'll let
Them sleep another
Half an hour, I'll let
My babies dream.
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Spoken Words

More from Def Poetry Jam

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This is such a beautiful piece. Hope you like.

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The Interrogation


He held my face,
Puckering his lips
And instead of a loving kiss,
He blew cigar smoke
Into my face.

I tried to pull away,
Tried to not breathe in
The acrid air tinged
With his breath,
But he held my face still.

Tears rolled down my cheeks,
They came on their own,
A result of my physical pain,
Not my emotional pain.
He smirked.

A yellow smile
Blossomed across the lower half
Of his wrinkled face.
If you didn’t look closely
You would not have noticed
His gold tooth.

I spat in his face,
My phlegm washed
His smile away.
His back slap
Wiped mine away.

He had grown tired
Of our little game.
I was not giving him
The information he wanted.
He turned to retrieve his whip.

My hands remained bound,
But I was free of the chair,
Free of his watchful eyes.
I tucked my legs in
And swung my arms forward.

Seeing my new freedom,
He released his hip,
I dodged it and grabbed it,
Yanking it and pulling him to me.

With two deft movements,
I had the whip around his neck,
Twisting it until
His body stopped thrashing.

I freed my wrists
With his pocket knife.
I collected the money
On the bedside table,
Five Hundred Dollars.

As he slept on the floor
Of the motel room,
I let myself out.

Another pervert satisfied.
I should be more careful,
I nearly killed him that time.
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River Goddess


Cigarette butts
Lay in the gutter,
The world took on
A grey cast,
As though all life
Had been drained,
Leaving behind
The hard edges of things
Man made.

I didn’t care,
All that mattered
Was that this was
My day,
My wedding day.

On this day,
I was a river goddess
Who lived among
The rapids. My dress
Reflected this.

My body was embraced
By a frothy lace
That gave way to a flowing
Skirt that spilled between
My fingers where I grabbed it.

I was not going to be
A princess,
A queen,
A supermodel,
Or some uber feminine mystique
Associated with brides.

I chose to be
A river goddess.
And today, I will marry
The one man I can refer to
As my rock.

The one who stands by me,
Strong and resolute.
I know in time,
I will wear him down,
But in that time,
He will have calmed me down.

So the world can be
Stark and ugly,
With cigarette butts
And cracked walls,
But today this river goddess
Marries her rock.
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Grow Up

Why don't you grow up,
Old man sitting across from me
Says, spit spraying at me
Like a faulty sprinkler.

The wrinkles in his face
Casting sharper shadows
As his mouth contorts
To rigid bow ready to
Fire endless arrows into my ego.

Grow up?
Did I want to do that?
Did I want to don pretty little dressess
And speak of the weather and
The state affairs of the Euro
Against the US dollar, while
Thinking up new and intriguing ways
I can impress instead of Express.

Express myself,
My spirit,
My soul,
My dreams,
Express me.

Would I,
Could I like the grown up
Version of me?
Would the responsibilities of
Living, functioning, pursuing
My dreams with endless tenacity
Rob me of my creativity,
Rob me of my joie de vivre
And leave me a brittle shell
Of a human being like
This old man sitting across from me.

I roll my eyes,
Move my pawn,
Check his mate, and
Win the game.

Why should I grow up
If I can still win the game.