Wednesday, March 28, 2012 2 words I am thankful for


His head ached.
There was a sharp pain
To the back of his head
That screamed for attention,
Pulling him through the fog
Of unconsciousness
And confusion.

He reached back
To touch the epicenter
Of his agony and
There he found a lump
Crested by broken skin
That was oozing blood.

It took him a while
To recognise his surroundings,
A shabby hotel room
With the barest of furnishings.
Slowly, he remembered
What brought him to
This little patch of Earth.

He reached for his wallet.
It was there, but
The cash was gone.
She probably took it,
She would have gotten it
If she had lived up
To the arrangement.

She was new to the strip,
A pretty little thing
With pert breasts and
A round ass that
Made his manhood
Jump into life.

He had brought her
To the hotel,
Her face was always
In the shadows,
His was the same.

The hotel room was dark
As they entered,
He went straight to the bed
And sprawled across it,
She went into the bathroom.

Through the bathroom door,
She told him to lie
On his stormach,
She liked to give
Her "men" a massage
To start things off.

Like a good boy,
He did as he was told.
A few minutes later,
He heard the squeak
Of the door opening
And closing.

Anticipation grew
In his stomach and
Flooded his body,
He was primed for
Carnal pleasure,
Instead he was struck
And the world turned black.

The next morning,
He sat at the dining table
In his suburban home.
His wife was chattering
About something he could
Careless about and
His daughter was quiet.

Usually, the teenager
Would be verbally vollying
With her mother,
But that morning,
Something was off.

She looked nervous,
Her movements were shaky
And now and then,
she would sneak a look
At her father.

Then she asked questions
That would change
the dynamic of their

How was your night?
How is your head?"
Monday, March 26, 2012 3 words I am thankful for

Love Me

Love me.

Love me for
The right reasons
Not the wrong.

Love me for
The shape of my face,
The softness of my lips,
The depths of my eyes.

Love me for
The way I challenge you,
The way I make you smile,
The way I make you think
Beyond what you had
Accepted as truth.

Love me for
The way I sleep,
The way my body curls
Into itself, protecting itself
And how it fits
So perfectly with yours.

Love me because
I cry at sappy movies
Even though I try not to
Or when I become
Genuinely scared while
Watching a horror movie.

Love me because
I will always be beautiful
To you, even if my hair
Is not done, I'm wearing
The ugly pyjamas
And snot is leaking
From my nose.

Love me because
I make you laugh
When I say something stupid
Or use one of my accents
Or when I get a joke right,
But most of the time
I would tell them wrong.

Love me because
You can't imagine
Loving someone else,
Even when we are mad
And argue, saying
Mean things meant to hurt,
You didn't want to be
With anyone else.

Love me for
The right reasons
Not the wrong.

Love me.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 1 words I am thankful for

Dear Sister

Oh, Sister,
Be a dear
And bring Mother
Her medication,
And Father would like
A glass of water.

Oh Sister,
That smells divine,
Do you have
That I may have some?
I am sure that
Is too much for
Father, Mother and you.

Oh Sister,
Why are you crying?
You should have gotten
Used to their brand of talk,
Their insults and complaints
Are not new.

Oh Sister.
You are going
On vacation?
Why ever for?
It's not as though  you work.
All you do is take care
Of Mother and Father.

Oh Sister,
If you insist on
This vacation,
What will happen with
Mother and Father?
Who will take care of them?
Oh well, Brother and I
Shall work it out.

Dear Sister,
I hope you are
Having a lovely time.
Mother and Father are with me,
How they miss you so,
I hear about it everyday,
If not every hour.

Dear sister,
What is this talk
Of you being away longer?
Please don't forget
Your family and
Your duties.

Dear Sister,
So you have met a man?
No wonder you wanted to stay,
But remember,
No holiday fling
Should replace your
Responsibility to family.

Dear Sister,
Mother and Father are now
At Brother's house,
You remember how fond
They are of their firstborn.
Plus it seems I can never do
Anything to please
Our  beloved parents.

Dear Sister,
When are you coming home?
Brother is eager to know.
This vacation of yours
Is inconveniencing us all,
Let us know promptly
Of the time of your return.

Dear Sister,
We have not heard anything
From you. It has been weeks
Since we have received a letter.
The innkeeper says that
You left the inn two weeks ago.
He promised to forward our letters
But why did you tell him
Not to tell us where you are?

Dear Sister,
I fear we have lost you
To some strange man
Who, I assure you,
Will only break your heart.
Come home to the place
You belong among
Your family.

Dear Sister,
You are no sister of mine,
You have abandoned us
To live in a foreign land
With a strange man.
How dare you do this
To Mother and Father.
How dare you do this
To Brother and Me.

Dear Sister,
Please come home.
Yours truly,
Your Sister,

Inspired by Like Water For Chocolate
Monday, March 19, 2012 3 words I am thankful for


The dress
Was a dusty pink
And fit like
A dream.

It was my wedding day
And I chose to be
An unconventional bride
With a pink dress
And an intricate updo
That reminded me
Of my grandmother.

The diamond on my finger
Caught the early morning light
And broke it
Into many points of light.

He chose well,
I chose well,
We chose well.

Two souls cast out
Into the ocean
Of society and
Somehow we managed
To find each other,
To recognize the light
In each other,
To know not to let go
Of each other.

I love him
And I know
He loves me.

I placed the birdcage
On my head,
Slipped on the heels
That were neither
Too high nor too low,
And I took one last look
In the mirror.

Pleased at the woman
Who stood before me,
I picked up my bouquet,
Whispered a quick prayer
And walked into my

I love him
And I know
He loves me.

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Friday, March 16, 2012 1 words I am thankful for

My Baby Don't Talk Much

My baby don't talk much,
I would say this to my mother
Over a plate of ackee and saltfish,
After she brings up Elroy,
The one from town side
Who could chew raw words
And spin them into fine silk.
Silk my mother would
Stitch into the tapestry of
Her imagination.

My baby don't talk much,
I would say this to girlfriends
As we drank rum and coke,
Watching the sun dip into
The cool Caribbean sea.
And when he does talk,
It is not swee and thick
Like molasses, sure
To give a person sugar.

My baby is not the loquacious type,
The type that fires out words
With machine gun accuracy,
Hoping to shoot me down,
Claim my heart,
And put it on his wall
Of conquests.

My baby don't talk much.
He doesn't speak
In flowery language
That blossoms beautifully
But dies and withers away
In a matter of days.
My baby's words are
Like the evergreen
In Ms. Evie's yard,
The one that is always green,
Always flourishing,
Always trying to touch the sky.

He is more the type
Who would consistently
Feed me kindness, respect,
Support, generosity, love
Until I am the one
Who follows him home
Like a love sick puppy.

My baby may not talk much
But he does much,
He feels much,
He loves much,
He is much
And that means much more
To me than mere words,
Than mere talking.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 1 words I am thankful for


You are making me angry.

He chuckled
As though I was a joke,
Some parody of the
Incredible Hulk.

You don't want
To make me angry.

H smirked,
The expression on his face
Daring me to do something,
As though I wouldn't dare.

You won't like me
When I'm angry.

Then he went and did it,
He tossed the glass bottle
Into the garbage instead
Of into the recycle bin.

By the time
He looked back,
I had him in a half nelson
And I was whispering
Into his ear.

"If you don't
Put that bottle
Into the recycle bin,
I will cut off
Your circulation,
Make you pass out
And dump you in
With that bottle.

He grasped the seriousness
Of the situation and
Followed my instructions.

I released him,
Dusting him off and
Fixing his clothes.

He was still catching his breath
As I walked away,
But I can guarantee
He was considering
Going green.
Monday, March 12, 2012 3 words I am thankful for


"Lets run away together!
Lets pack our bags,
Jump on the next bus,
Train, plane, whatever
And leave this town."

I looked at him,
Once again
He was talking nonsense.
Once again,
I realized that he was a

"Let's do it!
You leave your husband,
I leave my parents
And we start a new life,
Just you and me."

I could never,
Would never leave
My husband,
Not when I was pregnant
With his child.

"Don't you love me?
Don't you want
To be with me?
I love you
More than he ever could."

The desperation in his voice
Was embarassing,
But it showed
How young he was,
How vunerable he was.

I should never have
Allowed myself to seduce him.
He was so young,
So needy for love
And so was I.

It was now or never.
It started with a chaste kiss
And now ended with
A heavy heart and
Endless tears.

I told him that
I did love him,
But our love was
Wrong, forbidden, taboo
And as such,
It must end.

I got out of the bed
And told him to get dressed
As I pulled on my clothes.
He did what he was told,
He was still a good boy.

In the dead of night,
We left the hotel room
And we drove for an hour
Back to our sleepy, little town.

I dropped him off
Two blocks from his home.
I didn't want his parents,
His neighbours to see
Him coming out of my car
At this hour of the night.

As he walked away,
I watch him.
Such a beautiful specimen
Of a male body,
But he was still a child.

I watched my 16 year old lover
Walk home, his heart broken.
From now on,
I will be Mrs. Daniels and
He will be another student
In on of my English classes.

I can only hope
This affair hasn't ruined
His ability to love again.
I can only hope
This affair doesn't ruin
My life in the future.

I drove home to my husband.

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Friday, March 9, 2012 0 words I am thankful for

Spoken Word Friday

0 words I am thankful for

Deserve - She Wanted A Love Poem

The following poem is from the section, "Love Is..." of She Wanted A Love Poem, a collection of poems.


I deserve to be happy.

She said this
As she laid in her bed,
His bed, their bed,

I deserve sanity.

She said this
As she made breakfast.
He had just walked in,
Stinking of booze and
Some other woman's perfume.

I deserve respect.

She thought this
As he yelled at her
After she asked
Where he was all night.

I deserve peace of mind.

She thought this
As she rode the train
In to work.
Still wondering where
He spent the night.

I deserve to never worry.

She thought this
As she filed away documents,
Operating on auto-pilot,
Always on auto-pilot.

I don't deserve this.

She said this
When she came home
To a messy house,
An empty house,
Their house.

I don't deserve
A man who doesn't respect me,
Who doesn't contribute
To the household,
Who is rarely home
When I am.

She said this
As she packed all his belongings
And put them outside.
She had the locks changed
And ignored the banging
At the door.

You don't deserve me.

Was the last thing
He yelled as he carted
Away his belongings,
Going God knows where.

I deserve this.

She said this
As she fell into
A fitful sleep
With not a worry in the world,
And not a pain in her heart.

I deserve to be happy.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012 0 words I am thankful for


The desert wind shifted
And she could smell them,
She could hear them
Approaching and all
She could do was hope.

Hope that they would not
Find her hiding place,
A small cave
With only a sliver
Of an entrance.

She was grateful
That they were not like her,
They were not New Breeds.
They would not be attuned
To her unique smell
Or hear her heart beat
Paces away.

But their creatures would,
Their long noses sniffing the air,
Their keen ears sensitive
To the slightest sound.
She retreated to the depths
Of the cave.

She was the last
Of the New Breeds
And they wanted her dead.
She had heard it herself,
The New Breeds were
Far too advanced to exist
Among common folk.

She new her whole family
Was dead, one by one
Taken to the far side
Of the desert. Once there,
They were killed
And set ablaze.

Ashes collected and
Buried deep where
The earth was hard
And the sands don't shift.
Their essence shall not
Contaminate the common folk.

This was to be her fate,
But she fought back,
She killed a few
And she ran.
She ran till
She could go no further.

She new this cave
Was where she would make
Her last stand.

They were close,
Very close and
A creature was at the entrance
Of the cave.

They were close,
She could smell them,
She could hear their heart beats,
They were at the cave's entrance.
They were talking.

The entrance was too small...
They didn't want to lose
Their creatures in the cave....
The New Breed may have
Just rested here
And was long gone.....

The creatures whined
But they pulled them away.
They were leaving and
She released a breath
She didn't know she was holding.

Although her senses
Told her they were leaving
And in a matter of time,
They would be long gone,
She stood very still
Not believing her future.

Time passed,
The sun dipped low
'Til it was swallowed
By the earth.

She heard the night creatures,
She heard her hear beat,
The slight swoosh
Of her breath, but
She didn't hear them.

She waited three suns
Before she left the cave,
Then she walked
To the far side of the desert
Where the earth was
Covered by vegetation.

It was there,
She found water,
She found food,
There she felt safe.
This would be home.

The last of the New Breeds
Became the first
And the second was nestled
In her belly.

She shall never be
Known as New Breed,
That was their words,
Spoken by them.

From now on,
She and her baby
Will be know as Mohad,
And she vowed that
They will never be the last.
Monday, March 5, 2012 4 words I am thankful for

Need You?

Need you?
Baby, I don't need you?
I want you.

I want the softness
Of your lips as they
Tattoo kisses on my skin.

I want your embrace
At the start of the day,
In the middle of the day
And at the end of the day.

I want your strength
When I'm weak
And the world
Feels too heavy.

I want your name
So that the world knows
That I am yours
And you are mine.

So, do I need you?
No, Papi! I want you,
And I hope
You want me, too.

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