Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Sister

Oh, Sister,
Be a dear
And bring Mother
Her medication,
And Father would like
A glass of water.

Oh Sister,
That smells divine,
Do you have
That I may have some?
I am sure that
Is too much for
Father, Mother and you.

Oh Sister,
Why are you crying?
You should have gotten
Used to their brand of talk,
Their insults and complaints
Are not new.

Oh Sister.
You are going
On vacation?
Why ever for?
It's not as though  you work.
All you do is take care
Of Mother and Father.

Oh Sister,
If you insist on
This vacation,
What will happen with
Mother and Father?
Who will take care of them?
Oh well, Brother and I
Shall work it out.

Dear Sister,
I hope you are
Having a lovely time.
Mother and Father are with me,
How they miss you so,
I hear about it everyday,
If not every hour.

Dear sister,
What is this talk
Of you being away longer?
Please don't forget
Your family and
Your duties.

Dear Sister,
So you have met a man?
No wonder you wanted to stay,
But remember,
No holiday fling
Should replace your
Responsibility to family.

Dear Sister,
Mother and Father are now
At Brother's house,
You remember how fond
They are of their firstborn.
Plus it seems I can never do
Anything to please
Our  beloved parents.

Dear Sister,
When are you coming home?
Brother is eager to know.
This vacation of yours
Is inconveniencing us all,
Let us know promptly
Of the time of your return.

Dear Sister,
We have not heard anything
From you. It has been weeks
Since we have received a letter.
The innkeeper says that
You left the inn two weeks ago.
He promised to forward our letters
But why did you tell him
Not to tell us where you are?

Dear Sister,
I fear we have lost you
To some strange man
Who, I assure you,
Will only break your heart.
Come home to the place
You belong among
Your family.

Dear Sister,
You are no sister of mine,
You have abandoned us
To live in a foreign land
With a strange man.
How dare you do this
To Mother and Father.
How dare you do this
To Brother and Me.

Dear Sister,
Please come home.
Yours truly,
Your Sister,

Inspired by Like Water For Chocolate

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Robert Gibson said...

Had never heard of the book, but WOW, after reading the article on Wikipedia you posted... I love the poem even more! This is awesome!