Monday, March 26, 2012

Love Me

Love me.

Love me for
The right reasons
Not the wrong.

Love me for
The shape of my face,
The softness of my lips,
The depths of my eyes.

Love me for
The way I challenge you,
The way I make you smile,
The way I make you think
Beyond what you had
Accepted as truth.

Love me for
The way I sleep,
The way my body curls
Into itself, protecting itself
And how it fits
So perfectly with yours.

Love me because
I cry at sappy movies
Even though I try not to
Or when I become
Genuinely scared while
Watching a horror movie.

Love me because
I will always be beautiful
To you, even if my hair
Is not done, I'm wearing
The ugly pyjamas
And snot is leaking
From my nose.

Love me because
I make you laugh
When I say something stupid
Or use one of my accents
Or when I get a joke right,
But most of the time
I would tell them wrong.

Love me because
You can't imagine
Loving someone else,
Even when we are mad
And argue, saying
Mean things meant to hurt,
You didn't want to be
With anyone else.

Love me for
The right reasons
Not the wrong.

Love me.

Submitted to dVerse Poets


Robert Gibson said...

Beautiful write... True love...

Brian Miller said...

this is an absolutely gorgeous write....and yeah those are many of the right reasons...i found myself nodding along as i read...

Charles Miller said...

I have to hand it to you, the reasons for love are all there. This rings with truth, sincerity, and a desire for it all to be right. Excellent writing.