Friday, December 30, 2011 13 words I am thankful for

An Exceptional Year

Devoid of pomp
And circumstance,
Of fireworks
And joyous voices,
And I released a

It was as though
I had finished
A good book and
I was content
With the end
And that it had

The new year
Had begun and
The old year
Had already started
To fade from my

The new year
Has so much
Potential, so much
Opportunities ready
To be grabbed and
Taken advantage of.

So I toss aside
The fears, the sadness,
The confusion, the frustrations
Of the dead year
And walk confidently
Into the future
Along the path
I created.

This is going to be
An exceptional year.

Inspired by Theme Thursday.
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 10 words I am thankful for

What Matters

It was Sunday again,
The week before was a blur,
But it didn’t bother me,
The here and now
Is what matters.

What matters
Is the soft jazz tune
That floated out from
Hidden speakers.

What matters
Is the lemonade
With a hint of a secret
That sat on the side table.

What matters
Is the light breeze
That cooled my brow
And elicited a melody
From the wind chimes.

What matters
Is the loyal canine
Who slept at my feet
Barking occasionally
At some dream prey.

What matters
Is the sunset.
The grand show
Orchestrated by Mother Nature,
Changing the sky from
Shades of pinks and purples
To pure darkness
Set with points of light.

What matters
Is the man
Who sits beside me,
Sharing this moment with me.
His fingers intertwined with mine
As we cuddle close
Within the blanket of
Comfortable silence.

What matters
Are moments like this.

This poem was submitted to dVerse.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011 3 words I am thankful for

Question - Haiku

The owl landed on the tombstone
And asked who had passed,
"Who you?"

Haiku inspired by The Purple Treehouse

This is my first real attempt at Haiku, see here for more information. This is also a sneak peak into the future of Kim or Lisa. In the past, I have done self imposed challenges based on series of pictures found on the Internet, in 2012, I will be taking on the challenges from other poetry blogs. The plan is to grow as a poet and go beyond my boundaries, wish me luck!!!

P.S. I would like to thank Bajanpoet for introducing me to Dverse which pretty much opened up a whole new world for me. It's like finding the secret doorway that you have been looking for.
Thursday, December 22, 2011 1 words I am thankful for

I Will Conquer

I looked into his eyes
And I saw nothing.
It was as though
He was incapable of
Human emotion,
He was empty,

I looked away,
Mama always said that
It was impolite to stare,
So I looked out the window
To his right, I watched
The blackness that
Inhabited the bowels
Of the city.

How did I get here?
I would ask myself
As I made my way to work.
Another worker
Surrounded by workers
On my way to a job
I hated but needed
To live in this city.

The electric eel
Stopped at my stop,
Regurgitating the masses
Who spewed up onto the streets
And melted into the towers
That tried to touch the skies.

As I rode on the elevator
To my office on the 42nd floor,
I brushed away my reservations
Like crumbs from my morning toast
And donned my mask
Of professional proficiency.

In the next 8-10 hours,
I will be a cog
On the forever grinding machine
That is Metropolis,
That is Gotham,
That is New York.

In time,
I will become a bigger cog,
A more important cog
And when that time comes,
I will celebrate the fact
That I conquered the city
That crushed so many souls,
I will conquer Gotham.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 2 words I am thankful for

Speak To Me

“Speak to me.”

I held her
In my arms,
Her blood soaking my clothes,
Her breath laboured,
Her pulse grew faint
With each passing second.

“Speak to me.”

I was speechless.
What should I say?
My mind was a blank,
All my thoughts had vacated
My brain, but I tried
To find a hint, a trace
Of helpful rhetoric.

“Speak to me.”

“Don’t worry,
The ambulance is on its way,
Help is on the way.”
Please don’t die,
I thought. Please
Don’t cease to breathe,
Don’t cease to be. Please,
Hold on.

“Speak to me.”

Her eyelids fluttered.
I could barely feel
Her pulse,
Her breathing,
Her warmth.
Why was she so cold?
I held her closer, trying
To transfer my warmth to her,
To her body growing colder
In my arms.

“Speak to me.”

“I love you,
I loved you
When we first met,
I loved you
When you made me smile,
I loved you
When you made me mad.
I love the taste of you.
I love everything about you,
And I love the way
You make me feel.
You make me feel complete.
I love you.”

I closed my eyes
And willed her back,
Willed her to stay
Until help came.
I prayed,
I begged
For her life,
For her to live.

When I opened my eyes,
EMS personnel were around us,
They pulled me away
And began to work on her.
I curled up in a corner
And watched strangers try
To save the woman I love.

Just when everything looked lost,
The tension melted away,
The EMS agreed that
She was stable and
The proceeded to put her
On a gurney.
She will live
And I released the breath
I didn’t know I was holding.

“Speak to me.”

I traveled with her
In the ambulance
And on the ride to the hospital,
I vowed to speak to her,
To let her know
How I feel about her.
I will speak to her.
Friday, December 16, 2011 4 words I am thankful for

Delicious Torture

His breath
Tickled the back
Of my neck
And I sighed.

He was here,
Lover was here
And the festivities
Shall begin.

Without warning,
I whipped around
And climbed on top
Straddling him,
Conquering him.

Tonight was my night
To do whatever
I pleased with this
Magnificent specimen
Of a man.

With the handcuffs
I hid under my pillow,
I cuffed him to the bed,
The twinkle in my eye
Let him know that
He was not in danger.

When I was sure
His limbs were secure,
I began my delicious torture.

I started at the top,
Kissing, nipping, licking
His eyelids, his nose,
His lips, his ears,
Then ventured lower.

I bathed his body
With kisses that
Varied in intensity
With each body part
I encountered.

His body hummed
Under my ministrations,
And when I knew
He could take no more,
I gave him what he wanted.

I sank down on
His erect manhood,
Letting it fill me

Like a seasoned cowgirl,
I rode my lover, and
In a matter of seconds,
I found the right rhythm
To guarantee
Optimum pleasure.

And just as the heavens
Began to open
And the God of Orgasms
Was about to in part
His blessing,
I stood up and
Left the room.

This will teach him
For being a selfish lover
And denying me
The same quality of pleasure
I bestow upon him.

This, my friends, is
Delicious torture.
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 4 words I am thankful for



I opened my eyes
And found myself

A free fall
Through time and space
And some how,
I felt no fear.

I knew not when
My descent began
And I had no desire
To know how or when
It will come to an end.

I closed my eyes,
Not wishing to see
But feel my descent
Into despair.

The abyss
Grew thick with
My fears,
My frustrations,
My self pity,
All trying to extinguish
My small bit of hope.

Just as all
Began to feel dark,
That hope slipped
From my person,
And although
I reached out for it,
It fell out of my grasp.

I turned to watch
My hope disappear
Into the darkness, but,
To my surprise,
It grew.

It grew
Until it filled the void
And stopped fall.
I fell onto my hope
And immediately bounced up.

Instead of falling,
I rose and
The higher I rose,
The lighter I became,
The more I was filled
With hope.

Once again,
I felt no fear,
Because in that moment,
I rose above all my fears.
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 0 words I am thankful for

Spoken Word

Monday, December 12, 2011 1 words I am thankful for

The Best Gift

The best gift
Is not store bought
With pieces of paper
Printed with pictures
Of the queen, or
Dead heads of states.

The best gift
Is not the latest
Piece of gadgetry
That soon loses
Its coolness when
A later version
Hits the market.

The best gift
Is not play things
Of plastic and meta
That are easily broken,
That are easily forgotten.

The best gift
Is not baubles
That glitter in the moonlight
As though they are stars
Trying to return
To the night sky.

The best gift
Can not be bought
On the high streets,
The main streets,
In the malls or
In the shopping centres.
The best gift
Is priceless.

Although I have not
Named this gift,
This best gift,
I know we all
Have felt itm
Given it and
Received it,
In the smiles,
In the hugs
We share with
Friends and family,
Associates and strangers.

A gift that has
So many versions,
Be it maternal,
Platonic or

In this season
Of giving and
Into the new year,
I hope we all
Don't forget to give
The best gift of all,
The gift of love.
Thursday, December 8, 2011 1 words I am thankful for

Across A Table

I honestly forgot to post a poem yesterday, and as tomorrow is a holiday here in Antigua, I decided to post this today. Hope you like it and feel free to comment.

Across a table,
Strewn with the remnants
Of a late night dinner,
He sat.

With a glass of Port
In one hand
And a lit cigarette
In the other,
He spoke of his philosophy,
Underlining a word or phrase
With the reckless gestures
Of his already occupied hands.

I sat back
As his words
Washed over me.
A word here,
A sentence there would
Recapture the attention
That would slip away
Without my permission.

I interrupted his monologue
About the thesis of
Some long dead theologian
And suggested we move
To the couch, as
I was sure it would be
More comfortable, and
To this, he agreed
In his distracted fashion.

As I curled up
In one corner
Of the plush hand me down,
He sat at the other end
And continued to speak.

I heard nothing
As my mind
Became quite preoccupied
With thoughts
I dared not share with him.

Thoughts of
Removing the cigarette
And the glass of port
From his hands,
Stubbing out the former
And setting the latter
Some distance away.

Thoughts of
Planting butterfly kisses
On his neck,
On his closed eyes,
On his nose,
Then on his mouth.

Thoughts of
His mouth.
I know what it looked like,
But I yearned to be
Well versed on how
It felt and tasted.
Would my tongue
Find a delightful playground
In the cavern that is
His mouth.

As my eyes became heavy,
They slipped down his body,
And I fantasized
Licking my way down his body,
Making pit stops
At his nipples,
Nipping at each,
Not wanting either
To be jealous
Of the attention
I was sure to give the other.

My eyes
At last closed shut
And I imagined
His manhood at attention,
Filling me with anticipation,
Then satisfaction,
Then bringing me to
The most pleasant release.

I moaned.

It was only when
He shook me lightly
That I realized
That I had nodded off,
That I had moaned out loud
And not any moan,
But one that was heavy
With arousal.

I apologized.
I gave a lame excuse.
I told him it was late
And that we should
Call it a night.
At the door,
I told him goodnight.

Without words,
He leaned in
And softly kissed me.
It grew in intensity
Until we were left
I looked into his eyes,
And they mirrored
The passion I felt.

Without words,
Without conversation,
Without unnecessary rhetoric,
I pulled him back in,
And with the closing of the door,
My fantasy became a reality.
Monday, December 5, 2011 5 words I am thankful for


She sat on a bench
In a park.

She had found
A little area
That was a little pocket
Of nature and tranquility.
A place she could
Sit in silence
And just be.

She tilted her head back,
Letting the sunlight
Trickle down between
The leaves and branches
Of ancient trees
Onto her face,
Baptizing her in
Pure light.

In this place,
Her reality melted away
And she ceased to be
All the roles
She gave herself,
All the roles
She was given.

She was not
A mother, a daughter,
A wife, a good worker,
A friend, a neighbour,
A graduate, a woman,
A race, a citizen.

She was nothing,
But a human being
Breathing in the soft scents
Of nature.
Breathing it all in
With all her senses.

In being nothing,
She became something.
Something more wonderful
Than all her roles.
Something that was full
Of untapped potential.
Something that knew its place
In the universe
And was content with it.

And as she was tapping
Into her spiritual orgasm,
Her cell phone rang,
And she was tugged,
Pulled back to her reality.

There were reports
To be prepared.
Dinner to be made.
PTA meetings to attend.
Emails to write and
Calls to be made.

A goddess crashing
To the terra firma,
Immortality stripped away,
Body and spirit, vulnerable,
Mind occupied by
The tasks of “living”.

One day,
She promised herself
As she left her pocket
Of nature and tranquility,
She will turn off her cell,
Untethering herself from life
And she will reach
That climax,
That point of concentrated
Peace and enlightenment,
And somehow,
She will return with it,
Even if it is a thimbleful.

It is the one promise,
She vowed to keep.
Friday, December 2, 2011 1 words I am thankful for

My Chocolate Kryptonite

He laid next to me
With the comforter
Sprawled across his nudity,
Hiding a body, I swear
Was molded by God
For the sole purpose
Of giving pleasure.

Sleep now claimed him
And I took the opportunity
To devour him with my eyes,
Tattooing his whole being
Into my consciousness,
Into my unconsciousness
So that when he was gone,
I would still remember him
In detail.

From the curl
Of his eyelashes
To the plumpness
Of his lips.
From the deep chocolate
Of his skin
To the length and girth
Of his pride.

I wanted to remember everything
When he was long gone.

And go he shall because
This man that laid beside me
Was my chocolate Kryptonite.
The man that I craved
Like a perfect chunk
Of pure chocolate
Was the same man
That left me weak.

The man that drove me
To the heights of pleasure,
The heights of ecstasy,
Where butterflies of light
Flutter over gardens indescribable,
Was the same man
That sank me like the Titanic,
Leaving me cold and disorientated.

I eventually slipped out of the bed,
A part of me yearning to remain,
To slip back into his arms.
I fought my urges
And placed a note
Where my head had rested.

The further I walked,
The stronger I got.
The longer I stayed away,
The less the urges came.
I was free.

Free of my desires for him,
Free of him,
Free and strong,
But once in a while,
I will pull out
The memory of
My chocolate kryptonite.