Friday, December 2, 2011

My Chocolate Kryptonite

He laid next to me
With the comforter
Sprawled across his nudity,
Hiding a body, I swear
Was molded by God
For the sole purpose
Of giving pleasure.

Sleep now claimed him
And I took the opportunity
To devour him with my eyes,
Tattooing his whole being
Into my consciousness,
Into my unconsciousness
So that when he was gone,
I would still remember him
In detail.

From the curl
Of his eyelashes
To the plumpness
Of his lips.
From the deep chocolate
Of his skin
To the length and girth
Of his pride.

I wanted to remember everything
When he was long gone.

And go he shall because
This man that laid beside me
Was my chocolate Kryptonite.
The man that I craved
Like a perfect chunk
Of pure chocolate
Was the same man
That left me weak.

The man that drove me
To the heights of pleasure,
The heights of ecstasy,
Where butterflies of light
Flutter over gardens indescribable,
Was the same man
That sank me like the Titanic,
Leaving me cold and disorientated.

I eventually slipped out of the bed,
A part of me yearning to remain,
To slip back into his arms.
I fought my urges
And placed a note
Where my head had rested.

The further I walked,
The stronger I got.
The longer I stayed away,
The less the urges came.
I was free.

Free of my desires for him,
Free of him,
Free and strong,
But once in a while,
I will pull out
The memory of
My chocolate kryptonite.

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nIx said...

I love ur story telling ability. Your poems always tell a story and ur words creates a visual that's undeniable.