Monday, December 12, 2011

The Best Gift

The best gift
Is not store bought
With pieces of paper
Printed with pictures
Of the queen, or
Dead heads of states.

The best gift
Is not the latest
Piece of gadgetry
That soon loses
Its coolness when
A later version
Hits the market.

The best gift
Is not play things
Of plastic and meta
That are easily broken,
That are easily forgotten.

The best gift
Is not baubles
That glitter in the moonlight
As though they are stars
Trying to return
To the night sky.

The best gift
Can not be bought
On the high streets,
The main streets,
In the malls or
In the shopping centres.
The best gift
Is priceless.

Although I have not
Named this gift,
This best gift,
I know we all
Have felt itm
Given it and
Received it,
In the smiles,
In the hugs
We share with
Friends and family,
Associates and strangers.

A gift that has
So many versions,
Be it maternal,
Platonic or

In this season
Of giving and
Into the new year,
I hope we all
Don't forget to give
The best gift of all,
The gift of love.

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bajanpoet said...

I love these poems ... esp Kai Davis .... and that poem about death is .... profound.

"You say, 'gargantuan', I say, 'Big as shit!' LOL Love that girl :D

Thanks for the vids :)