Wednesday, December 14, 2011



I opened my eyes
And found myself

A free fall
Through time and space
And some how,
I felt no fear.

I knew not when
My descent began
And I had no desire
To know how or when
It will come to an end.

I closed my eyes,
Not wishing to see
But feel my descent
Into despair.

The abyss
Grew thick with
My fears,
My frustrations,
My self pity,
All trying to extinguish
My small bit of hope.

Just as all
Began to feel dark,
That hope slipped
From my person,
And although
I reached out for it,
It fell out of my grasp.

I turned to watch
My hope disappear
Into the darkness, but,
To my surprise,
It grew.

It grew
Until it filled the void
And stopped fall.
I fell onto my hope
And immediately bounced up.

Instead of falling,
I rose and
The higher I rose,
The lighter I became,
The more I was filled
With hope.

Once again,
I felt no fear,
Because in that moment,
I rose above all my fears.


bajanpoet said...

Love this ... hope is like your trampoline, pushing you above your fears. Awesome image!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem - the reader travels with you from your heavyness to your lightness.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! There is always hope!

Andy said...

Where's there's hope, there's a will & where there's a will, there's a way.
lovely expressions.
Thanks for sharing.

Tears Of Love