Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The desert wind shifted
And she could smell them,
She could hear them
Approaching and all
She could do was hope.

Hope that they would not
Find her hiding place,
A small cave
With only a sliver
Of an entrance.

She was grateful
That they were not like her,
They were not New Breeds.
They would not be attuned
To her unique smell
Or hear her heart beat
Paces away.

But their creatures would,
Their long noses sniffing the air,
Their keen ears sensitive
To the slightest sound.
She retreated to the depths
Of the cave.

She was the last
Of the New Breeds
And they wanted her dead.
She had heard it herself,
The New Breeds were
Far too advanced to exist
Among common folk.

She new her whole family
Was dead, one by one
Taken to the far side
Of the desert. Once there,
They were killed
And set ablaze.

Ashes collected and
Buried deep where
The earth was hard
And the sands don't shift.
Their essence shall not
Contaminate the common folk.

This was to be her fate,
But she fought back,
She killed a few
And she ran.
She ran till
She could go no further.

She new this cave
Was where she would make
Her last stand.

They were close,
Very close and
A creature was at the entrance
Of the cave.

They were close,
She could smell them,
She could hear their heart beats,
They were at the cave's entrance.
They were talking.

The entrance was too small...
They didn't want to lose
Their creatures in the cave....
The New Breed may have
Just rested here
And was long gone.....

The creatures whined
But they pulled them away.
They were leaving and
She released a breath
She didn't know she was holding.

Although her senses
Told her they were leaving
And in a matter of time,
They would be long gone,
She stood very still
Not believing her future.

Time passed,
The sun dipped low
'Til it was swallowed
By the earth.

She heard the night creatures,
She heard her hear beat,
The slight swoosh
Of her breath, but
She didn't hear them.

She waited three suns
Before she left the cave,
Then she walked
To the far side of the desert
Where the earth was
Covered by vegetation.

It was there,
She found water,
She found food,
There she felt safe.
This would be home.

The last of the New Breeds
Became the first
And the second was nestled
In her belly.

She shall never be
Known as New Breed,
That was their words,
Spoken by them.

From now on,
She and her baby
Will be know as Mohad,
And she vowed that
They will never be the last.

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