Wednesday, March 14, 2012


You are making me angry.

He chuckled
As though I was a joke,
Some parody of the
Incredible Hulk.

You don't want
To make me angry.

H smirked,
The expression on his face
Daring me to do something,
As though I wouldn't dare.

You won't like me
When I'm angry.

Then he went and did it,
He tossed the glass bottle
Into the garbage instead
Of into the recycle bin.

By the time
He looked back,
I had him in a half nelson
And I was whispering
Into his ear.

"If you don't
Put that bottle
Into the recycle bin,
I will cut off
Your circulation,
Make you pass out
And dump you in
With that bottle.

He grasped the seriousness
Of the situation and
Followed my instructions.

I released him,
Dusting him off and
Fixing his clothes.

He was still catching his breath
As I walked away,
But I can guarantee
He was considering
Going green.

1 comment:

Robert Gibson said...

You are serious about your recycling! :D

Great write!