Monday, March 12, 2012


"Lets run away together!
Lets pack our bags,
Jump on the next bus,
Train, plane, whatever
And leave this town."

I looked at him,
Once again
He was talking nonsense.
Once again,
I realized that he was a

"Let's do it!
You leave your husband,
I leave my parents
And we start a new life,
Just you and me."

I could never,
Would never leave
My husband,
Not when I was pregnant
With his child.

"Don't you love me?
Don't you want
To be with me?
I love you
More than he ever could."

The desperation in his voice
Was embarassing,
But it showed
How young he was,
How vunerable he was.

I should never have
Allowed myself to seduce him.
He was so young,
So needy for love
And so was I.

It was now or never.
It started with a chaste kiss
And now ended with
A heavy heart and
Endless tears.

I told him that
I did love him,
But our love was
Wrong, forbidden, taboo
And as such,
It must end.

I got out of the bed
And told him to get dressed
As I pulled on my clothes.
He did what he was told,
He was still a good boy.

In the dead of night,
We left the hotel room
And we drove for an hour
Back to our sleepy, little town.

I dropped him off
Two blocks from his home.
I didn't want his parents,
His neighbours to see
Him coming out of my car
At this hour of the night.

As he walked away,
I watch him.
Such a beautiful specimen
Of a male body,
But he was still a child.

I watched my 16 year old lover
Walk home, his heart broken.
From now on,
I will be Mrs. Daniels and
He will be another student
In on of my English classes.

I can only hope
This affair hasn't ruined
His ability to love again.
I can only hope
This affair doesn't ruin
My life in the future.

I drove home to my husband.

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Buddah Moskowitz said...

I liked the perspective of this, but I can't help wondering how it would be perceived if the genders were switched. Would I like it as much if it was Mr. Daniels and a "16 year old child."

I will not judge the hypothetical morality, but rather praise you on an honest and very enjoyable read, tragic though it may be.

Brian Miller said...

mosk has a great point....i think on some level this plays at the hot for teacher feelings of high school...and if it did come out i think the boys would get more claps on the back than the girl...

Semaphore said...

It's very difficult to look put yourself in the persona of someone like the narrator, who will immediately be judged. That you did put on that persona makes you courageous as well.