Wednesday, September 7, 2011

River Goddess


Cigarette butts
Lay in the gutter,
The world took on
A grey cast,
As though all life
Had been drained,
Leaving behind
The hard edges of things
Man made.

I didn’t care,
All that mattered
Was that this was
My day,
My wedding day.

On this day,
I was a river goddess
Who lived among
The rapids. My dress
Reflected this.

My body was embraced
By a frothy lace
That gave way to a flowing
Skirt that spilled between
My fingers where I grabbed it.

I was not going to be
A princess,
A queen,
A supermodel,
Or some uber feminine mystique
Associated with brides.

I chose to be
A river goddess.
And today, I will marry
The one man I can refer to
As my rock.

The one who stands by me,
Strong and resolute.
I know in time,
I will wear him down,
But in that time,
He will have calmed me down.

So the world can be
Stark and ugly,
With cigarette butts
And cracked walls,
But today this river goddess
Marries her rock.

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