Monday, September 5, 2011

Grow Up

Why don't you grow up,
Old man sitting across from me
Says, spit spraying at me
Like a faulty sprinkler.

The wrinkles in his face
Casting sharper shadows
As his mouth contorts
To rigid bow ready to
Fire endless arrows into my ego.

Grow up?
Did I want to do that?
Did I want to don pretty little dressess
And speak of the weather and
The state affairs of the Euro
Against the US dollar, while
Thinking up new and intriguing ways
I can impress instead of Express.

Express myself,
My spirit,
My soul,
My dreams,
Express me.

Would I,
Could I like the grown up
Version of me?
Would the responsibilities of
Living, functioning, pursuing
My dreams with endless tenacity
Rob me of my creativity,
Rob me of my joie de vivre
And leave me a brittle shell
Of a human being like
This old man sitting across from me.

I roll my eyes,
Move my pawn,
Check his mate, and
Win the game.

Why should I grow up
If I can still win the game.

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