Friday, June 29, 2012

Fair Play

Jackson stroked
The little nub
On the mouse.
His pace alternating
From quick, quick,
Slow, quick, quick,

I held my breath
In anticipation of what
He would do next.
Would he continue?
Or would he leave me
On the brink of
My sexual fantasy.

I looked up
At his face,
Right into his eyes,
A lazy, suggestive smile
Crossing his face,
Then he slowly strokes.

Staring at me,
He returns to his
Pace of
Quick, quick, slow.
Quick, quick, slow.

With all my strength,
I release a demure sigh
When I wanted
To scream with
Careless abandon.

Jackson smirked,
But his smile quickly faded
When I reached
For the joystick,
Holding it firmly in my hand
As I softly touched
It's buttons.

Payback is only
Fair play.

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