Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Queen's Speech

“He don’t love you!”
Her face had contorted
Into an unpleasant mask
Of fury, disgust with
A hint of fear.

She stood just
Beyond my reach
Spewing malicious words
Like toxic sludge,
And I just smiled.

Not a fake smile
Or an embarrassed smile,
More like a smile
That proceeds a hearty laugh
That was truly genuine.

This only stoked
The fire of her ire
And she started in
Step by step, hurling
Every hurtful thing
Her mind could conjure up.

When I was certain
That she was done
And she had nothing
Else to say, I let
My smile melt away.

I held her gaze
And spoke slowly,
Letting the sound rumble
Out of me like a growl,
Putting the right amount
Of fear into her heart.

“No, sugar, he don’t love me,
He lusts me,
He craves me,
He needs me,
He wants me.

He worships at the altar
That is this body,
And when he thinks
Himself unworthy of
My greatness, with tail
Between his legs,
He runs to you.

Her jaw swung open
And the fire was
Reignite in the depths
Of her being
But I could care less.

I said my piece
And closed the door,
Then I slipped back
Into bed next to him,
Whispering into his ear.

“Baby, please tell
Your lady friend to
Not come to our home,
Making a scene."

"Better yet, if I find
Out you have any lady friends,
It will be you meeting them
At the door as you
Leave this house for good."

With that said,
I fell asleep,
Sated in the knowledge
That my husband would
Heed my warning.

When the queen speaks,
Even the king will obey.

Submitted to dVerse Open Link #51


Brian Miller said...

oh told her...and you told him....put on notice....tight!

manicddaily said...

Agree with Brian - Oops! Very tight. k.

HannyAnnie said...

just wonderful, i love this so much!!!