Friday, July 20, 2012

Closing The Book

She sank into the seat
Dropping her bag
In the seat beside her
While keeping a grip
On her boarding pass.

As she slipped on
Her cardigan
She watched the
Other travellers.

A few businessmen
Clickty-clacking on their laptops
While another looks out,
Spacing out on some
Daydream where he doesn't
Have to leave his family.

A few couples
In varying stages
Of their relationships.

The "honey mooners"
Who can't stop
Touching each other.

The couples who are
So used to each other
That they don't even
Have to interact.

The couple who are
Done with each other
And can't wait to get
Home so they can break up.

Then there are families,
As diverse as the couple
From those starting with babies
To those with grown up children.

Lastly, there are the randoms.
The random man,
The random woman
Travelling to God knew where
For God knew what reason.

She was a random,
But she knew her story well
To the degree that
She was going to toss it
To the wind and
Start anew.

This was the last page
Of her story,
And in the course of
An eight hour flight,
A new story would begin.

"Now boarding Flight XY13
At gate 45."
She scooped up her bag
And walked to the gate.

The last sentence was written
And the book was closed.

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