Friday, July 6, 2012

Sometimes I Ache

I ache sometimes.

Those times when the bed
Yawns loudly like the wind
Blowing through a canyon.

Those times when I see him
Kiss her and I wish it was me
Not her who was being loved.

Sometimes, I ache.

Those times when I crave
His touch, rough yet gentle,
Wanting but holding back.

Those times when I feel
Lost and alone, wondering
If I could, would, should
Be loved.

I ache.

For feather light kisses
Along the back of my neck.

For sweet surrenders
Followed by victorious rapture.


I close my eyes, trying
To see his face and all
I feel is emotions.

I listen for his voice,
But his voice don't matter
If the words don't ring truth.

Sometimes I ache,
And I let it wash over me
Like the tide, until the silver moon
Takes it away, leaving me numb.

Most times I am numb.

Another poem where I just let the words flow. 

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Sockan said...

love your blog :)
beautiful poem :)