Monday, July 9, 2012

She Wanted A Love Poem

She wanted a love poem,
A little ditty
Wrapped in rhyme
And presented to her
With chocolate and
A pretty floral arrangement.

She wanted something
She could put in a frame
And hang on her wall
Or tuck away in a book
For future reference
On lonely nights.

She wanted a poem
That dripped with honey,
Sprinkled with sugar
And sure to rot one's teeth
And cause a terrible tummy ache.

She wanted a poem
That spoke of love,
Not true love or
Real love, not
The kind of love
That can be found in the street
In the bosoms of men and women alike.

The love poem she wanted
Did not speak of pain
And tears, harsh words
And defeated sighs
Released into the stagnant air.

She wanted a love poem,
Where he spoke of
Undying love,
How he could not live
Could not be
Without her.

And so she waits
Patiently for the day
When her man of the moment
Presents her with a poem
Because she wanted a love poem.


Buddah Moskowitz said...

Liked this very much. Be careful what you wish for, I'd tell her. :)

Brian Miller said...

i hope her patience is duly rewarded...but i will say it is not easy to love a poet...even if they can be romantic at times...smiles.

Claudia said...

maybe she gets her love poem in a form she wouldn't expect...soaked in foam while he's doing the dishes or in the soil when he pulls husband is not a poet and i doubt that i ever get a love poem...except those that are not written on paper..smiles

aprille said...

Maybe she'd better write one herself and leave it lying around ...:-)

Like this a lot: it is sweet and gentle, with a touch of melancholy.

manicddaily said...

Good luck with that! (No, maybe she will get it.) A wistful poem - with its own fair dose of irony. k.

kolembo said...

Glooorious! Singing it out aloud. Very well written too...glides off the page. Very nice.

Oh...great blog theme too!

Shaziane said...

Wishing for the nearly impossible...all things must be paid for and terrible suffering is the cost of great happiness.

I like this. It fits so well with Nekisha's I Love Him post which I happened to read minutes before yours.