Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Lover

Dear Lover,
I love you,
Loved you.

It's not as though
I've stopped loving you,
I've just stopped being
In love with you.

You see what
We had was
A broken promise
That we kept calling
A promise refusing
To see the cracks.

Me and you
Were never meant
To be, just creatures
That were tangled up
In each other's web.

Never knowing if
We should resign
Ourselves or fight
To be free.

I choose to be free,
And yet I question
If what I feel,
What I felt for you
Was real or if
It was a chemical
Reaction caused by
Two bodies coming

I may never know,
I don't want to know,
Somethings are better
Left in the unknown.

Me and you
Are through.
There was never an us
And there never will be an us,
Just you and me,
Two separate entities.

Goodbye dear lover,
I wish you well
And I pray we never
Cross paths again,
Once was enough
For one lifetime.

Yours never more,


trafton said...

wow. great poem :)

Brian Miller said...

that can be such a hard realization to finally come to...but often times if you catch it in time it works out so much better

victoria said...

Sad reality, but, like Brian says...better to figure it out right early on. So hard, sometimes, to move on.

Shawn said...

There is much to be said about the truth of loving someone and being in love. Two very different feelings altogether. You have done excellent job portraying the difference. I enjoyed it.

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

Echoes of truth. Definitely more than one story behind these words.