Monday, July 20, 2015


In a post
Feminist world,
I am not to
Bend like bamboo
Or the blade of
Grass that grows
In my front yard.

I am not to bend
For fear of giving
In. For fear of
Men claiming that
I am inferior to them,
Just above their
Beloved fido.

I am not to bend,
For fear that they
Would see me as
The little lady who
Needs the big, strong
Man to take care
Of everything because
As a woman, I
Just don't know how
The real world works.

I am not to bend,
But I fear I just
Might break, shattering
Into thousands of pieces
And even though I am
Put back together,
There would be one,
Two, three pieces

I am not to bend
But the resolute soldier
Has grown weary and
Wants nothing more than
To be held, to feel
The warmth of another
Soul, banishing the cold
Emptiness that envelops
Me, smothers me.

In this post
Feminist world,
I thank the women
Who fought
For my rights
From the hilltops,
I praise them, but
During the darkest night
When demons from within
And without threaten my
Peace of mind, it is him
I reach out for.

I reach for
His strength,
His stability,
His desire to
Protect me.
I reach for him
Because I know
That he is my rock
As I am his.

In this post
Feminist world,
I do not denounce
Your actions, sisters
Who still bear arms,
There is much injustice,
But it is out there,
It is not found in
Him, him or him.

Do not punish them
For the sins of their
Brethren miles away,
Do not punish them for
The fact that they have an
Outie and not an innie.

Leave them to be
The men they were meant
To be, men who
Want to love and
Be loved.

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Blogoratti said...

I thought that was quiet unique, certainly pulled me in. Well done!