Friday, July 17, 2015


A glob of spit
Was launched from
His major facial
Orfice and landed
But a few inches
From my fire engine
Red sneakers.

I watched as
It glistened on the
Hot pavement, bubbles
Melting into liquid
Like fish eggs
Dipped in acid.

I wanted to
Scream at him,
I wanted my words
To render him naked,
Raw, vulnerable, and
When the time was right
I would pierce his
Heart, his soul.

The only screaming
Was in my head
As the mad monkey
Jumped up and down,
Throwing shit at the
Walls of my mind.

I looked up at him
And he stepped back.
Did he see the madness
In my eyes, swirling
Around like a cyclone
In the Indian Ocean.

Did he see my desire
To rip him limb from limb
Then to leave him
Staked to the ground
For carrion birds
To pick at what

Did he see that
I wold not abide
His insolence, his
Inelegant ways. I
Smiled, or was it
A smirk. My body
Shifting a fraction of
A millimeter.

He sensed it and
Stepped back again.
His eyes wary, his
Instincts flip flopping
From Fight or flight,
Death or survival.

I grinned and walked
Away. I didn't need
To touch him for him
To feel fear. I
Did not need to
Speak for him to

I simply embodied
His fear and walked
Away. His not knowing
What I would do was
My greatest weapon.

A weapon
I was a master of.

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