Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Playing With The Bunny

She sat at the end
Of the pier, the only
Thing keeping her warm was
The bunny outfit she
Wore for work.

If only her boss knew
She wore nothing underneath it.
Did it really matter?

She lit a cigarette with the
Last embers of the one she was
Smoking, then watched the smoke
Of the new one. It danced in
The wind like an exotic dancer.

He eyes slid down unto the
Mask of the costume. She
Wanted to knock it off the pier,
Let it sink into the murky waters
Of the sound, leaving her as
A decapitated bunny.

Sighing, she pushed the thought away,
She couldn't afford to do it.
She could barely afford to survive
Much less pay the company to
Replace a bunny head to match
Exactly to the faded suit she wore.

"Hey, bunny." His voice always
Sickened her. "You want to play,
Bunny?" He chuckled at his play
On words. "Do you want a carrot
To suck on?"

She wanted to knock him off
The pier. Let him sink into
The murky waters of the sound,
But she couldn't afford that
Either. He was her supplier,
The only one who could give
Her what she needed to
Escape her world.

"How many?" He asked the question
She wanted to hear. She held up
Her hand, five fingers to the grey
Sky. "You got the cash?"
Out of a secret pocket, she pulled
Out three bills and held them up.

They stood at attention before they
Were snatched away and a
Packet with five pills fell on
The faded wood beside her.

She never looked at him,
She acknowledged the transaction
And continued to watch the smoke
Dance before her eyes, once, twice
Flicking away the excess ash.

She listened as he walked away,
His footsteps fading into nothing.

At the end, he would be greeted
By two men, they would aim guns
At him and demand he lies face
Down. They would search him,
Confiscating the contraband and
The marked bills. They would read
Him his rights, then frog march him
To a waiting vehicle.

She didn't need to see it
Happen, she had gone through it
So many times that it bored her to
Watch another drug dealer being

The men never came
For her, they knew she would
Come when she was good and ready,
And right now, she wasn't ready.

It didn't go as planned,
He shot one man and the other man
Shot him. In all the shooting,
A bullet grazed her cheek
And another sent the head
Flying into the water.

It wasn't the pain at her cheek
That brought her to her feet.
The blood tinting the fur of
The bunny outfit didn't
Make her pull out her special.
It was the fact that she was
Now headless, that had her
Standing over him, the barrel
Of the pistol pointed at the
Space between his eyes.

"Do you want to play with
The bunny?" she growled
Through clenched teeth.

He stared at the pistol,
A gift from her Daddy, a
Decorated police officer.
He said nothing.

"Let's play Russian Roulette,"
She kicked his gun off
The side of the pier,
It landed on the sand.
She emptied the gun
And placed a bullet into
A Chamber.

With a spin of the chamber,
She aimed at him once more.
Safety off, she fired. He
Screamed. He lived. Empty
Chamber. She smiled and knelt
Down beside him, a wicked
Smile upon her face.

"You lost," she said as she
Shoved him unto his stomach.
With him handcuffed, she called
For back up.

Looking up at her, he smirked,
His bravado had returned.
"No, bitch, I won," he spat,
Sirens in the background.

She looked across at her colleagues,
One dead, one holding on for dear life.
Looking back at him, she snorted.
"You killed a cop and wounded
Another, do you really think you won?"

His smile wavered and he looked
Away. The sirens were all they could
Hear. He played with the bunny
And he lost, and only time will tell what
His wager was.

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