Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Smiles and Glances

At first,
We did not speak
With words. Our
Conversations were
Nothing more than
Glances and smiles
That grew into
Gentle touches and
Tender kisses with
Promises of more,
Much more.

But he was snatched
Away from me.
Death claimed him.

Words came and
For those with power,
Symbols on parchment.
I saw him one day,
His features had changed,
His station was higher,
But alas, mine was lower.
He, a prince of Egypt
And I, a slave.
Many moons had passed
Before I stood before him.

But I was snatched
Away from him.
Slave traders claimed me.

The land was new
To my people,
The sun harsh to
Our pale skins.
To him the land was old,
The sun, an old friend.
He knew it was me
And he claimed me
As such. In hidden places
We touched hidden places.

But he was snatched
Away from me.
My people took his life.

My skin was as dark
As the depths of night,
His skin, pale yet tanned,
Accustomed to the sun.
My life was hard,
Leaving me brittle and
Unseeing and so he
Sought and found me,
Purchasing me for twice
My price, then escaping
This land of hate to
Surround me with love.

But I was snatched
Away from him.
So brittle was I that
I shattered during child birth.

He was a Goldstein and
I was blond with blue eyes.
Under a net of lies
And deception, we travelled
Through Europe, Hitler's forces
Nipping at our heels. Just
When freedom and safety
Were within our grasps,
The rabid dogs caught him,
Dragging him away.

He was snatched
Away from me.
Aushwitz was his last
Known location.

I was sitting in a cafe
When I saw him.
It was obvious that
He was a tourist
To my city of lights.
I did not run to him,
I just watched him,
History had left an
Imprint on me and
I was afraid that
He or I would be
Snatched away
from the other.

He looked through
The window, he
Looked at me,
We spoke without
Words, just
Smiles and glances.
He knew it was me
And he came into the cafe,
Sat across from me and
Said hello.

Maybe, just maybe,
This time we were
Meant to stay together
For a long time.

Maybe, just maybe,
Fate will be kind.


Brian Miller said...

what a journey eh? this would be a cool premise for a book or short story...maybe it will be...

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I love that through all the adversity, the circle is completed. Great, compelling read.

Kimolisa said...

@Brian, this poem was inspired by a poem written by a local poet. When I read it, this premise came to mind and like you, I thought it would make a great book.

Thanks Buddah for the great feedback :)