Monday, June 3, 2013

Depend On Me

"The sky looks funny,"
I looked across at her,
Her small frame lying
On the blanket,
Her eyes looking
Up at the open sky.

"Why do you say that?"
My gaze returning
To the same sky.
It didn't look any
Different to me.

"It looks.......
It just looks different."
This was the norm for her,
She would make a statement
But found it hard to
Put her feelings, her opinions
Into words.

"Why are you here?"
She turned onto her side
Staring at me inquisitively.
"I know why I'm here,
But why are you here?"

Why was I here?
I let the question sink,
Sink into me, hoping
For an answer to pop up
Like apples in a barrel
Of water. Instead only
The truth popped up.

"Because you asked,
Because I care for you,"
My gaze remained on
The sky but I could still
See her in my periphery.

She just nodded
Her understanding then
Laid back on her back.
"Why did you ask me
To come with you?"
I asked, trying my best
To sound normal.

It was two hours ago
That she found me
Walking home.
She was in her beat up
Corolla and she asked
If I wanted to go
On a trip to the desert.

I said yes.

"You're the only one
That understands me,
The only one that doesn't
Keep asking me if I'm okay,
the only one that really
Listens to the words that
Fall out of my brain
And unto my tongue,"
Sometimes her answers were
Poetry to my ears.

I nodded my understanding,
Trying not to think of
The scars on her wrists.

"I asked you to come
Because I knew you
Would say yes and
Because I care for you, too."
I looked across at her
And she was looking at me.

For the first time,
In a long time,
I knew she was going
To be okay because
She knew she could
Depend on me.

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Sharp Little Pencil said...

Oh, this is a touching poem. I posted late like you did, so I hope more Toads make it over...

This kind of love, romantic or not, is the stuff of life. Here is this delicate creature, fragile enough to cut herself... and now she knows she has met the one who will have her back. Now that's real love.

Thanks for this. Amy

Brian Miller said...

having that someone to depend on is huge...and random trips into the desert can be pretty cool too depending on who you are with....nice bit of love...

Jim said...

Thank you, Kim, for this little sermonette. I often tell people that oftimes people need. People need someone to care even when that person really isn't very careable.

My adivise is often one of two kinds:
1) just being there, even when saying nothing, it can be a big help just being there like today I played golf with a friend whose wife had recently died--it reminds me of when Job (Bible story) first had his troubles his friends came and SAT with him for seven days; and
2) realate a story in your life and end it with saying that no matter what, God loves you, even if it seems no one loves you--a lawyer friend told me this when I was going through an earlier divorce, I thought it was corny at first but I have remebered him telling me that, on the phone, for now going on 46 years--and now I tell how much that bit has helped me in my life (it didn't stop muffled sobs that to this day I get now and then).

Sorry I got long winded here, you neat poem and story reminded me of our necessity to sometimes take the first step when help seems in order.

Kimolisa said...

Thanks Sharp Little Pencil for the positive feedback.

Yes, Brian it is a nice bit of love, sometimes it's nice to just get away.

Powerful words Jim, I'm so happy this poem resonates with you. Plus comments can never be too long :)

Margaret said...

To have someone who will listen, who wants to spend time with you, who cares. How many friends (or family) does each person really have that likes to do all three? It really can make all the difference in the world.

Lovely poem. And I think the sky is different because of the happiness inside of her :)

Kimolisa said...

I agree Margaret, have such people in one's life makes a difference. Plus that is a nice way of how she perceives the sky.