Friday, June 7, 2013

Pretty, Little, Sad Girl

Pretty, little, sad girl
Sitting over there,
Wrapped up in her misery,
Thinking no one cared.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
Smile turned upside down,
May I make you something,
Perhaps a floral crown.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
May I have a seat?
Of course, not too close,
You, I would like to meet.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
Is it too much to ask
For a glance upon my face
Even if you wear your stony mask.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
Tell me your name,
Withhold it not from me,
It, I'm sure, holds no shame.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
Do you know what brought you here,
With tiled walls and the scent
Of Death scrubbed away with care?

Pretty, little, sad girl,
No, my sweet, bad you were not,
No one thinks poorly of you
But I'm afraid you have begun to rot.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
Too long you have been away,
The elements have preserved you
But the cold and ice have gone away.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
There you laid for eyes to see,
Once lost but now found,
No longer a mystery.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
A terrible task I am to perform,
But necessary as the
Truth you can not inform.

Pretty, little, sad girl
I promise to be gentle
As the one who did this
To you had left behind his dental.

Pretty, little, sad girl,
Silent you shall be forever
But from your body, I will
Learn your final story, ever.

Pretty, little, sad girl


Bon said...

Nice line:
?is it possible to glance upon your face even though you wear a stoney mask/

Libby Meador said...

A forensic force of judgment looms over the perpetrator.

aka_andrea said...

Wow, powerful stuff. I didn't catch til the end where it was going and it hit so hard...well done.

Tom Pescatore said...

got the makings of a pretty sweet song

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, as one begins to understand this is a forensic pathologist speaking, a whole story unfolds. Great write!

Margaret said...

I started getting an inkling near the end.... yes, tell her story - solve the crime. Thank God for forensic pathologists. Well done.

Lasha M said...

Nice one Mama........... Lovely Girl..... Hope she comes out of sadness

Kimolisa said...

Thanks for reading and your feedback :D