Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today turned into yesterday
As easily as
Tomorrow turned into today,
And all the while
I lived in yesterday.

I resided in a place
Where yesterdays trials
And tribulations, happiness
And joys we replayed
On the screen of my mind.

I held on to past friendships,
Past regrets,
Past happiness and
Beliefs which had passed
Their expiration dates.

I held on for dear life,
Fearing that if I let go,
If I fell,
I would cease to be.

If I wasn't
My past friendships,
My past happiness and regrets,
What was I?

Then one day,
I lost my grip
And I fell,
Letting go of everything
And instead of ceasing to be
I became.

I became new,
I became different,
I didn't hold on to
The old truths and
I began to question them.

In that moment,
I had a fresh start.

In that start,
Who I am is not
Defined by who I was.


Brian Miller said...

there is a wonderful truth in this...the letting go of everything to become...awesome write...

Kim Nelson said...

This leads nicely into the ultimate truth found in your last two lines. Nicely penned.

Mary said...

I really like this. We cannot allow ourselves to be defined by who we were. We ARE who we are today. I always look forward to your poems in Poetry Pantry, as you write from your depths...and truths.

Lisa Williams said...

Love this! So true, in order to become who we are meant to be, we need to release ourselves from the past. Beautiful poem