Friday, January 18, 2013

Her With Him

He was with her
She was with him
Because neither wanted
To be alone.

Love was an invention
That grew from
Cohabitation rather
Than from an interest
In the other.

She grew to love
The way he would
Kiss her on the forehead
Before he went to work.

And he grew to love
That she would cook
His favourite meal
When he had a bad day.

Perhaps that thing
They felt towards each other
As they exchanged vows
In an old courthouse
Was not love.

It was affection,
Obligation, endearment
Or even duty.

But in the end
That obscure thing
Turned into love
And that love
Is what keeps
Him with her
Her with him. 

Submitted to imaginary garden with real toads and dVerse Poets 


Buddah Moskowitz said...

Beautiful, my friend, so wise this is!

ayala said...

I love this!

bringingwordstolife said...

This is how love SHOULD be - wherever its' beginnings - if love arrives here - it's home :)

Brian Miller said...

smiles...who are we to question love and how it comes about...we each take a different path to it...smiles..lovely verse...

Mary said...

This is truly beautiful. I do think it was love all along really. You really characterized the relationship well, included wonderful details. Yes, it was love in the highest sense!

cloudfactor5 said...

Wow, this was inspiringly beautiful !!!

Claudia said...

nice...yeah..i think love is def. something that can grow with the years if we plant the seeds and water them well..i'm glad for them...others are heavily in love when they marry and lose everything over the years...ugh

James Rainsford said...

Who can truly fathom love, or its causes.? This is perceptive and conveys the enduring nature of belonging. Great job.

Beachanny said...

More truth than one would guess. Even ones started in great passion stick because friendship and loyalty usually supplants love. Well written.

tracy greenlee said...

this is beautiful poetry...clean and simple and oh so true. found you at dverse and thank you.