Monday, January 14, 2013

Fresh Start

His ring glinted
In the rays of the
Setting sun.

Third finger from the thumb,
Left hand, yet
His smile invited me in.

My ring did not match his,
In fact, mine was
An extravagant affair
That weighed my hand
Due to its actual weight
And its responsibilities.

The once blue sky
Transitioned to reds, golds
And purples before
Setting into a blue block.

We sat next to each other
As the night creatures
Tuned their instruments before
Their grand performance.

"I love her,"
"I love him,"
Our words becoming tangled
As we tried to distance
Ourselves from each other.

I felt a twinge of jealousy
And I was sure
He felt the same but
We held our tongues
As we were extracting
Ourselves from the others' life.

He patted my hand,
I nodded my head
Then walked away.
The greater the distance
Between us the better I felt.

He slipped into the darkness
And as uneventfully as
He entered my life,
His exit was devoid of
Pomp and circumstance.

This chapter of my life
Came to a close,
But with each end,
There is a new beginning,
Perhaps even a fresh start.

Submitted to imaginary garden with real toads and dVerse Poets


Brian Miller said...

fresh starts are always there....too many times things like this get people stuck...relationships are sticky too...hard to let go at times...

Anthony Desmond said...

I can feel the emotions in here... the darkness of the actions matching the night sky... powerful write

Anthony Desmond said...
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Claudia said...

extracting each other from the others' life..can be a tough process at times.. this is sensitively penned with just the right amount of emotions...really well done

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Wow, kimolisa, this was cinematic! That's one of the highest praises I can give a poem. I was completely there and through it all there are string clear, tragic emotions. Excellent and perfect.
Thanks, Moskowitz

Beth Winter said...

Fabulous. You set the scene brilliantly with the non-matching rings and ended without bittersweet regrets.

Kim Nelson said...

Your imagery offers a completely different lens through which to view an age-old occurrence. That is the power of this piece... originality.

sreeja harikrishnan said...

This one is like, live images playing before you... great. A fresh start is always a welcome....

Mary said...

You have set the scene, worked the emotions, told the story in a way that I was right there within the poem. Good that it is over. And yes endings always bring beginnings and hopefully not repetiltions of old patterns.

Aria said...

best to walk away..for intiguing tale.