Monday, October 8, 2012

The Snow Fell Quietly

The snow fell quietly
And she didn't see it,
Instead she saw golden sand
And palm trees swaying
In the sea breeze.

He said she would
Love it here, that
It was better than
Anything she could find
Back on the island.

She believed him,
His words echoing
In her head,
"Leave behind
The dirt roads and
The hot sun,
Come with me."

She did,
She came with him
And everyday,
She regretted it.

She walked closer
To the window
And looked down
At her daughter
Playing in the snow,
Her heart ached.

Her daughter.
His daughter.
Their daughter.
Her daughter, that's
What the divorce papers say.

Her sad daughter,
She cried more
Than she smiled.
Her face like granite
And yet she knew
What the little girl thought.

Although the little girl
Was of this land of
Snow and falling leaves,
She craved the tropical sun,
The cool Caribbean Sea
And the bammy
Mama Too made
'Specially for her.

This girl of ice
And spring bulbs
Wanted to go home
And so did her mother.

She turned her back
To the window and
Returned to her desk,
Picking up the letter
That came in the morning mail.

He wanted her daughter
And he is willing to ensure
He financials were met.
He wanted her to
Sell her daughter to him.

The snow fell quietly,
And she didn't see it.

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Buddah Moskowitz said...

This is quietly poignant and ultimately sad, hope it is not autobiographical.

Fireblossom said...

I'm wondering if this is set in the past. The poem mentions "morning mail", and there hasn't been morning and evening mail in decades. So, I'm wondering if this is set in a time when selling a human being might actually be a thing that might be proposed. I'm thinking not, because of the divorce papers mentioned, which makes me think this is set in the present but with clever overtones of former times. Certainly, a devil's bargain has been struck here, and "he" is trying to perpetuate it and make it still worse, while she longs for escape and return to warmth. Thought provoking, compelling stuff.

Brian Miller said...

like a punch in the gut....her taken from her place, willing to sacrifice for him...then him leaving...the buying of the daughter though is just ugh....fug...

Kirt Ley said...

Kim; It is a talented writer/artist that can take a familiar theme and make a fresh story that holds ones interest throughout. With this poem, you did that.

Laurie Kolp said...

Very poignant narrative poem!

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is a heart-rending tale and all too true in the way that human experience is true. I liked the way you used the seasons to under-pin the emotion. said...

Sad....very sad. The winters backdrop providing the perfect stage for this narrative to play colour in this at all....and that relects the feelings perfectly