Friday, October 5, 2012

Martine - Part 4

In case you missed the first part of Martine, click here to catch up.

When Martine walked into the living room, she found it was dimmed with only the lamp by the piano on. Sophie sat on the floor on her favourite pillow and Bianca sat on one of the armchairs. Alain sat at the piano and James sat on the coach. She placed the tray on the coffee table and doled out the mugs to her family, then she curled up next to James, sipping her coffee.

Seeing that everyone was settled and their attention was on him, Alain began to play a lively tune. "This was my favourite song to play when I was younger. It always made me feel happy when I felt sad and lonely," he said. It was so lively that Sophie started clapping in time.

When that song ended, they all applauded their dinner guest who started to play a new song. This song was a bit more somber and before long, James and Martine recognized it as "God Bless The Child" by Billie Holiday. Martine looked at her daughters and then at Alain who was staring at her as he played. "God bless all my children," she thought as she smiled at her son.

Once again, the song ended and the Carter family applauded. "This song I wrote for my mother, I promised myself that when I found her, I would play it for her. Excuse my singing voice," Alain said as I started playing a lazy melody. Then he began to sing.

The song was of a young boy who felt so alone and wanted his mother's touch, embrace and love. By the end of the song, their wasn't a dry eye in the room.

"That song was beautiful, Alain. You know a song is great when it moves people to tears," James said. "Have you ever considered going professional with your music?"

"Ah, um, well no, sir, not really. Most times, it's just me and the piano when no one's around," Allain replied, his face colouring.

"Well, think about it, you are good," James said with conviction.

"Well, girls, Thank Alain for giving us a private concert and it's off to your rooms, I know you still have homework to get done," Martine said, wiping the last of her tears away.

"Thanks, Alain," Sophie and Bianca said in unison.

Just as she was about to leave the living room, Sophie turned back, "What about the dirty dishes?"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of them," Martine replied.

James stood as Sophie left, "Well, if you will excuse me, I have a few papers I have to review for work. Thanks for playing and it was a pleasure meeting you, Alain." James reached out and squeezed Martine's arm and left the living room. He wished he could stay and give her support, but he knew she had to do this on her own. Martine had to confront her pass.

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