Monday, August 6, 2012


"What is your story?!?"

He pulled her head
Out of the icy water
And she barely heard
His question through
The water streaming
Out of her ears.

Her lips trembled
But she said nothing,
As she took a hit
Of oxygen.

He pulled her head back
Arching her back,
Forcing her to look at him.

His faced contorted
By rage,
His eyes hard
And unyielding,
She tried to find
Humanity in them,
Trying and failing.

"What is your story?!?"

Her oxygen sated brain
Provided an answer
But she doubted
He would like it
Or accept it.

"My story is...."
She started.

"My story is
I have no story.
Each night, I die
And every morning,
I am born anew.
I pick through
For the things I need
And leave the rest
Behind to rot."

"The past hold stories
But I am not a story.
I am flesh and bone,
I am here and now."

A growl rumbled
From deep within him
Coming out as
A grand roar and
He released her.

She fell back
Onto her floor,
She then scooted
Into a corner,
Keeping her eye on him.

It was as though
The sound was him
And he was the sound.
As the sound subsided
He disappeared until
There was nothing,
Neither sound nor man.

She awoke with a jolt,
She was alone,
In her room,
In her mind,
In her being.

Yet somehow she knew
She would never be

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Shawn N. Maile said...

The hardest thing to do after reading something like this is to say how you feel about it. I'll just say it was an amazing read.

Shawn N. Maile said...
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Buddah Moskowitz said...

Powerful - you've captured the eternal, internal torment of the PTSD sufferer. Scary and the last stanza will stay with me for a long, long time.

darkangelwrites said...

Well that gave me chills!

Brian Miller said...

oh . my. intense and vivid...not sure i want to go to sleep any time soon...and that last stanza on never being alone...gave me a shiver in its reality...

me_duress said...

I am curious to know the story behind this write. Very intense.

Leo said...

Oh my.. the way it began, I thought it was someone being saved, and it continued to something I didn't expect.

It's not easy writing that for sure.. Powerful take.

~ Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason ~