Friday, August 3, 2012

I Am No More

The sweet smell
Of wild flowers
Filled my lungs
As I laid
In the field.

The full moon
Traveled across
The night sky
As my breathing
Became laboured.

One by one,
Two by two,
My bodily functions
Shut down
As little bugs
Crawled along my skin.

Everything faded to black,
The world became soundless,
I died and was
No more.

I was not the daughter,
The sister, the friend.

I was not the worker,
The voter, the traveller.

I was not the fan,
The enthusiasts, the nerd.

I was not the victim
With a bullet hole
In her chest.

I became nothing
But a corpse
In a field and
A memory.

A memory
That will fade
Like old pictures do
Leaving behind only
The bright parts,
The happy parts,
Never the dark,
Sad parts.

There are always
Sad parts.
The parts, you wish
You could take back.
The parts that still
Bring you to tears.
The parts which
Hurt oh, so bad.

Thank God,
Those are the first parts
That fade away,
Melting like wax
From the minds of
The people you love.

They will find me,
They will cry over me,
They will dress me pretty
And they will bury me
Six feet under and
Deep in their hearts.

But all this
Doesn't matter anymore
Because I'm dead
And I am no more.

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