Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Tired Heart

My heart grew tired
Of waiting, instead
It slipped into
The cool waters of

Before long, it
Had dived deeper
Into the depths
Of bitterness until
It knew nothing else
But that.

I feared that my heart
Had drowned,
Its lungs filled
With bitterness,
Completely breathless.

I had plunged in
After it,
Hoping to save it
From itself.
Was I too late?

I dragged its
Waterlogged corpse ashore.
I will not let it die.
Dying is for the weak.

Weak in body,
Weak in mind,
Weak in spirit,
And I refused to believe
That my heart was weak.

I fought to bring
The organ back to life,
Administrating all types
Of life saving techniques.

All the while,
I whispered to my heart.
"I love you,
But without you,
I can only love
Just so much."

"I need you
To love so much more.
I want my love
To be bigger than
The universe,
Richer than diamond
And platinum fields,
Sweeter than an ocean
Of honey sprinkled
With sugar.
I need you
To love again."

Just when I thought
All was lost,
All had slipped away
Like sand through my fingers,
I heard but a murmur.

I leaned forward
And listened.
My heart had heard me,
It heard my whispers
And responded softly.

"I love you, too,
And we shall love again!"

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Brian Miller said...

i hope our hearts take quite a licking dont they...and it is hard to love again when it hurts so much....

Charles Miller said...

The heart often does not die, I think, unless someone allows it to die. I like that here, where it seems hope is born though all seemed lost.

Claudia said...

so that there's a happy end...and we have to take good care of our heart...nicely penned

Robert Gibson said...

I feel that piece, so strongly....

So awesome... love it!