Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Is Easy To Find

Love is easy to find.

You can find it in a park
Under a sycamore tree.

You can find it in a supermarket
In the vegetable aisle.

You can find it in offices,
In classes,
On a bus or on a train,
On the street or
In a bar.

Love is easy to find, but
True love is not as easy.

It's not everyday that
You find that love
That promises to age well
Like fine wine and
Good cheese.

The kind of love
That breathes new life
Into your life and still
Takes your breath away.

That kind of love
That makes that person
The first person you call
When you are on top of the world,
The first person you call
When you wish
You were six feet under.

The kind of love that,
No matter how many times
You push that person away,
They will always come back,
Always be there for you.

The kind of love that
Guarantees a shoulder
To lean on,
An ear to listen,
A smile to encourage,
A hug when you need one.

The kind of love that,
No matter how much
Of the ugly you show,
They always find and
See the beauty in you.

The kind of love
Where you can't imagine,
Can not even phantom
Not having that person
In the story that is your life.

That love is not easy to find,
But if you find it,
Hold on to it gently
Like a butterfly.

Don't hold it too tight
That it feels strangled,
Constantly fighting to be free.

Don't hold it too loosely
That it can easily fly away,
Never to return.

Hold it gently
So that it grows
From something flighty
And superficial into
Something stable and strong.
And even if it manages
To fly away,
It will always come back.

Love is easy to find
But true love, real love
Is the one you keep.

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E said...

As a single young woman on Valentine's day, this poem made my day. Espesh since I'm avoiding social networks all together, this was the reminder I needed. Thanks!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I liked this very much - very inspiring and true.

Brian Miller said... that love is not easy to find thought you do have me intrigued by the vegetable aisle...smiles....very well writ...i think you captured the feeling of many on today...

Claudia said...

nice...true love is something pressure for sure...and i like the image of holding it gently so that it grows...had to smile about finding love in the vegetable aisle..nice..

Pat Hatt said...

It is easy enough to find, but then the crazies just come out of the woodwork. Sigh, I need a new place to try that aisle doesn't cut it..haha

Beachanny said...

Friendship and love, a dance that always is changing places. You can't have one without the other. Well explored here. Thank you.

Kimolisa said...

Thanks for sharing your comments. I like the part about the vegetable aisle as well. You never really know where you will find love.

Robert Gibson said...

"Love is easy to find
But true love, real love
Is the one you keep."

Great job Kim!