Friday, February 17, 2012


He wasn’t looking
To meet anyone
When he came to the bar.

He had planned
To drown his sorrows
In Whiskey and peanuts.

Instead he met her
And he listened
To her tale.

A tale,
He wished he had never heard,
He wished it was some
Liquor induced delusion.

And yet there she sat
With doe-like eyes
Tinged with innocence,
Regret and fear.

He wanted to protect her.

He want to never
See her scared,
Worried or any other emotion
That would alter
The tranquility of her face.

Instead he listened,
Knowing that that
Was all she wanted from him.

As her tale ended,
He could see her anxiety
Melt away like wax
Exposed to a flame.

She smiled at him weakly,
Then in one gulp,
She finished her drink.

On steady legs that
Spoke nothing of the amount
Of alcohol she consumed,
She stood and thanked him
For listening. Then she left.

He looked down
At his own drink,
He looked into
His own life.

Compared to her sorrows,
His were minnows
To her whales.

He finished his drink
Paid his bill
And left the bar

Sober to the reality
That his life could
Be a whole lot worse,
He could have died
And not be missed
By anyone.

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