Monday, August 1, 2011


Jonathon walked along the coastline,
Every now and then,
He would look out
Into the brine
As though he was looking for

Something that was lost at see,
Or in some far off land
That lay beyond
The horizon,
Beyond our existence.

I would watch him
From a bedroom window
Wanting to reach out to him,
Wanting to wrap him in my arms
And till him that it’s alright
That the pain will subside
From piercing jabs
To a subdued ache.

All I can do is watch him,
Watch the grief devour him,
Consume him thoroughly,
Leaving a shadow of the man
I loved, I cherished,
That I vowed to love
Till Death do us part.

The reality is those vows
Were not accurate.
You see even though
I died,
Our love never died,
It bound us over
The chasm of life and death.

It kept me here and
Although I can’t talk to him,
Touch him,
Kiss him,
I can still love him,
And in some strange way
I think he can feel my love.

In time,
I will fade away
Into the great unknown.
In time,
His grief will fade
Into acceptance and gratitude
That we did share our lives,
But the one thing
That will never fade
Is our love for each other.

I love you, Jonathon
And I know you love me too.

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