Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Year


Another year has passed,
And it is only fair to ask
Very important questions,

Have I laughed enough?
Laughed till I cried,
Till no sound came,
Till my stomach and cheeks

Did I cry only enough?
Only when I was truly sad,
When I needed to release
The stress, the tension,
The frustrations
That come with life.

Did I love unapologetically
Without rhyme or reason?
Did I love myself,
My loved ones,
Those who have hurt me
And those who I have hurt?

Did I live?
Did I do the things I love?
The things that mattered,
That made my life richer,
That inspired me
To do great and wondrous things.

Did I learn the lessons
That are hidden in life’s hardships?
The stumbling blocks
That trip me up when
Things are going so well.
If I look close enough,
Beyond the dusty surface,
I will find a diamond in the rough.

Another year has passed,
And a new one has begun,
And with some work,
It will be better, sweeter,
More fun, more informative
Than the last.

So today,
Celebrate the year that passed,
And prepare for the year
That has just begun.

Happy Birthday.

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