Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, Release Me

Oh, release me,
Father of shadow and light
Into the quiet dream
That beckons me.

Release me,
So that I may fly
Towards the sun.

Do not hold me back,
Do not tell me stories
Of those who have
Taken flight, long before
I was a shadow in the mind.

I care not that they
Had fallen,
Had burnt,
Had died,
Had never returned.

That was their story,
And this is mine.

In my story,
I flew up and up
Till I touched the sun.
It did not burn me,
Nor did it kill me,
Letting me fall from the sky.

It embraced me,
It welcomed me to its home
And taught me all it knew,
It taught me how to shine.

In my story,
I fly to the sun
And learn to shine.

Oh, release me,
Father of shadow and light,
Release me
So that I may fly to the sun,
So that I may shine.

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