Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You Inspire Me

You inspire me.

You inspire me to dance,
Swaying my hips
From side to side,
Absorbing the rhythms
Of my heart,
Of the drums,
Of the oceans,
Of the beating of the wings
Of flies,
Of life.

You inspire me to laugh,
Not the dainty giggle,
Or the titter of gentlewomen,
But the large honking laugh,
Followed by snorts and
Silent heaves where sound
Has been exhausted
And all is left is the sweet silence
And the expression of mirth.

You inspire me to love,
Not the love between
A man and a woman,
A parent and a child,
A friend and a friend,
But the love that is universal,
That embraces you like
A lost friend, and whispers
Words of acceptance,
Of worth, of value, of importance.
A love that is unique because
It comes from within.

You inspire me to think,
To accept that my thoughts
Are weighty like anvils
And that is truly the strong
Who are willing to think and
Carry the weights of their thoughts
When others would toss
Them aside and choose to
Not think at all. Still I choose
To think.

"Who is this you?" they would ask.
This you who I give all this praise.
Is it God?
Is he a prophet?
Is it a saint?
Is it some entity that has yet
To have a name?

Truth be told,
The you I speak of is man,
Not one man or one woman,
But all men and women,
As a species we have come so far,
Done so much,
Been so far,
Be it out to space,
To the depths of the earth,
To the depths of our imagination,
Mankind has inspired me
To be more human.

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