Monday, June 13, 2011

My Madness


May I introduce you
To my madness?

It sits over here
By the phantom piano
That plays and plays
Some lost composition
Of Bach, or is it Mozart?
I forget.

Right here,
Sitting like an obedient child
Who waits patiently
For a turned back,
A distracted guardian,
To run crazily through
The rooms of my mind,
Tipping and tossing
Precious memories,
Fragile relations
Till Nothing is left but

I should scold it,
Lock it away
Deep in the reptile brain
With a pill and a tablet
As locks.

And yet,
This same madness
Had brought me closer
To the creative,
It has been the gatekeeper
To the land of words aplenty,
Concept joined together
To create something bordering
On beautiful and genius.

No, this madness is not
Some wayward virus
That steals my health
And sobriety like some
Dastardly cat burglar,
This madness is as much
A part of me as my leg,
My arm, my head, my heart.
This madness makes me
The person who stands before you.

So, come now, sir and madam,
Allow me to introduce you to
My madness.

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