Friday, May 6, 2011

I Sold My Soul

I sold my soul
For a bag of chips.

I was hungry at the time
And my soul was there,
Waiting till I die
To go somewhere,
Or so they said.

They being the good people
Who come down to the shelter
To give us some food
And go on and on
About how good their
God was.

Their God
Who gave them SUVs
And BETs,
Who put a solid roof
Over their heads
And left me nothing
But this locket my mom gave me.

I still miss her,
She died when I was thirteen,
Shot in the head by
My father, who was coked up
So much he didn't even recognise
The women he vowed to protect,
Love, covet.

He's in jail now.
Coming out tomorrow.
Getting high tomorrow.

I though about all this
While I ate my bag of chips,
Licking the salty goodness off
My fingertips.
Maybe I'll sell my body
For a can of coke,
I ain't got nothing else.

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