Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Have Accepted

My Modern Met

Night had fallen
Turning everything
Into varying shades of
Blue and black.

The destruction was
Evident, broken blocks,
Steel bent and exposed,
And we all took in
This new existence in different ways.

Some of us
Held on to the everyday
Practices, watching TV
As though there was
No gaping hole in the wall.

Some of us,
Stood stunned
Looking at the destruction,
Trying to understand,
Trying to accept.

Some of us
Tried to deny
That anything had happened,
Crawling back into bed,
Hoping that it was all
A dream, and they would
Wake up and things would
Be they way they were,
The way they should be.

And some of us
Got angry,
Trying to mete out vengence,
On all and any who
Could have created this
Disruption of their
Daily lives.

As for me,
I just accepted it,
I accepted that life
Was not a constant,
That out of the blue
Everything could be turned upside down.
I accepted that
Some people will die
And some will survive
To carry the grief for those
Who have died.

I have accepted,
And I continue to live.

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