Monday, May 9, 2011

I Rise

Cathedral music played in the background,
It sounded like monks chanting,
As I drank my glass of Merlot.

I was trying to drink
The memories of past lovers away,
Of men who wronged me,
Of men who hurt me,
Of men.

It's a shame
I don't have the taste for women,
Literally and figuratively.

I would be lying
If I said I made it to the bottom
Of the bottle,
I would be lying,
If I said I didn't almost
Lose my lunch and dinner.

An oracle,
The bottle was not,
It didn't show me
Where I went wrong.
It didn't show me
Where I should go now.

All it show me
Was the depth of my self pity.

I stopped the bottle
And crawled into bed,
Where I slept a dreamless sleep.

It was only when I rose
That I realized the bottle held a purpose,
To bring me down
So that I could rise.

Rise above the pain,
Rise above the bittersweet weariness,
Rise above the self pity,
Rise above it all,
And so I rise.

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