Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Wait

I waited
Not for friend or foe,
Nor kin or acquaintence,
I waited for you.

I waited for you
In bars and night clubs,
In classes and social events,
On beaches
Painted gold by sunsets
Ticking away time.

I waited
And yet I felt
I had missed you
By a minute,
By an hour,
By a day,
By a week, even.

And still I wait for you.
Knowing it's you
By your voice
Which resonates an unspoken part
Of my soul,
Awakening it.

I wait for your touch,
A touch my skin yearns for,
A touch that will never
Leave me cold,
But leave me feeling
Protected and loved.

I wait,
For our two souls to
Merge into something grander
Than we could ever conceive,
Something that is the culmination
Of happiness, trust, lust
And love,
All underlined by understanding.

So I wait.
I wait for you.

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