Monday, March 14, 2011


You are ugly.
Your skin is too dark,
It's an ugly, muddy colour.
Dirty, unclean.
Shades of dirt.

You are so ugly.
Your lips are so big,
So fleshy and broad.

You are ugly.
Your nose is flat,
Broad, big, huge,
An ugly protrusion
On an already ugly face.

You are ugly.
You are fat.
You are too tall.
You are too thin.
Your ass is too big.
Your hips to wide.

You are so ugly.
No man would want you.
Even if a man did approach you,
He only wants one thing.
He could never fall
In love with you.
Do you really think
A man would take you
Home to meet his mother?

You are too ugly
To do more than
Be knocked up by
Different men who just want
To hit it and quit it,
Leaving back another mouth
For you to feed.

You are ugly,
Another ape
Released from the zoo.
You are barely considered

You will never be

These words spill into the room,
Intoxicating, Infecting,
Turning the fresh air
Into a heavy fog
That squeezes my tear ducts
Until thick heavy tears
Traverse my cheeks.

These words
Punch me in my stomach,
Knocking the wind out of me.

These words
Are whips against my back
Tearing into my flesh.

These words
Leave me battered,
Bruised, a shadow
Of my former self.

These words
Are spoken by the woman
Staring at me from
The mirror.

When will I learn to
Love myself.

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Mayeshah said...

When you find out tell me how to do it!