Friday, March 18, 2011


Baby Nicholas Smith

I am tired of being

I am tired of being
The person who people go to
To solve their problems,
To moan about this and that,
For an oppinion
On a matter that
Down the road,
Really wasn't important.

I am tired of working
And working
And working
On projects I could care less about,
For people
Who want more and more
And are shocked
If for some strange reason
I get tired.

I am tired of being
This cape is starting
To choke me
And all I want to do
Is wrap it around me
And crawl into a corner
For a week or two.

I am tired of being
The pillar
Upon which the masses
Lean on when living
There lives has left them weary.
And at night I would be here
Plastering over the cracks,
God forbid if the masses
Knew I was so close to

I am tired of being
The first to arrive,
The last to leave
And the one carrying the load,
And instead of showing my fatigue,
I throw on the mask
Of tranquility,
Of being capable of getting
Everything done.

I am tired of being
These tights are starting to itch
And my ass looks big
In this suit,
But when someone is in need,
I'm there.

I am tired of being
There for him, being
His friend,
His lover,
His psychiatrist,
His mother,
His maid,
His financier,
Strike that last one.
I'll be damned if
I'm going to be a
Long-term financier.

I am tired,
Ever so tired,
And yet,
I put on the suit,
I put on the itchy tights,
I put on the cape.

I am there
When they need me,
When the work has to be done,
When the friend needs the support,
When the man needs his woman,
When the child needs his mother,
When the parent needs their child,
When the society needs an extra helping hand.

I will be there
Because I am

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