Thursday, October 7, 2010

Je T'Aime

The city stretched out
Before us
And the Sacred Heart
Stood behind us
Perched on the hill
Known for its windmills.

This city felt like home,
Its essence vibrated
In my veins
And I felt a connection,
A love that tied us together.
Still, I was scared.

I felt Jean's breath
On the back of my neck
Just before he wrapped
His arms around me.
His warmth enveloping me.
His scent filling my lungs.

"Ne me quitte pas."
The words slipping from his tongue
And kissing my ears.
I didn't want to leave him,
I didn't want to leave the city,
But I was leaving the next day.

A lone tear fell
And I wiped it away.
I won't let him see me cry.
I turned and returned his embrace,
Reaching up and kissing him.
Every moment recorded
And filed in my brain.

The evening started her
In front of Le Sacre Coeur
In Montemarte,
And ended with us holding on
For dear life in a mess of sheets.
My last thoughts before slumber
Escaped my lips.

Je t'aime, Jean.
Je t'aime, Paris.

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